After becoming famous, author Sally Rooney, 30, changed her behavior on social media in her own words. “I once had Twitter, randomly sharing jokes and comments,” said the Irish author (“ordinary people”), whose new novel “Beautiful World, Where You Are” appeared in the news magazine “Magazine”.

“But when my books were successful, I quickly gained tens of thousands of followers. This is a completely different position from how one expresses oneself. So I deleted Twitter. Because I don’t want to be a public figure. “

The author believes that there are pros and cons to the ubiquity and constant availability of the Internet. “On the one hand there’s a lecture on how celebrity culture works and what one can expect from these people. Many athletes, actors or musicians never intended to be famous.

You are probably fighting for celebrity status. There may be very good people to deal with stress and strain in general. Truth be told: I am not one of them. “

From: APA / dpa