Salary and cost of living: differences between Ireland and France

Salary and cost of living: differences between Ireland and France

If you are thinking of an expat to Ireland, one of the first things to consider is the financial aspect. Of course, the cost of living in Ireland and France is quite different, and you need to take this fact into account when thinking about it.

Wages: Ireland ahead of France

According to the website, the average salary in Ireland is 22% higher than in France.

A higher average salary in Ireland indicates greater potential for professional development and career progression. Business prosperity, strong demand for skilled labor and rising tax revenues supported the Irish economy.

Of course you can refine this data by researching sites that may be useful to you. To earn wages through trade In France or Ireland
However, don’t be blinded by the attractive salary at first sight. Of course, the cost of living in Ireland is much higher than in France. You should take this into account and assess your monthly needs and expenses.

Cost of living in Ireland is higher than in France

Life in Ireland is expensive, especially compared to its French neighbours. According to recent studies, the cost of living in Ireland is higher than in France (for basic needs such as groceries or transport). This means that people moving to or visiting Ireland should expect a slight drop in their overall purchasing power, as goods and services are more expensive in this part of Europe.

However, it should always be borne in mind that there are, quite logically, strong differences between the cost of living in the capital, Dublin, and the rest of Ireland. While professional opportunities, especially in the tech sector, are abundant in Irish capitals, your daily expenses, especially in terms of rent, can be very high.

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Of course, the cost of rent in Ireland and Dublin in particular is very high. This is the other side of the coin: as the country becomes more and more attractive, the real estate pressure is very strong there. The French Embassy in Ireland recently published a message in the form of a warning on its website to warn French nationals moving from France.Severe housing crisis“Ireland knows.

Dublin is more expensive than Paris

Comparing the two major cities, Dublin and Paris certainly have some similarities (even though Dublin is much smaller and less populated!), but the cost of living there is very different. If you’re planning to stay in one of these destinations, it’s important to know that Dublin is much more expensive than Paris. Cost of living can be 15% higher depending on the site

Unsurprisingly, rent, transportation costs and health costs are more expensive there.

Yes, the Emerald Isle is attractive for many reasons (culture, scenery, quality of life, professional opportunities, etc.) but before taking the leap and immigrating, you need to consider the economic reality of the country. A well-prepared expat has every chance of success!

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