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Salstaton Horse Show: Five Day Top Class Show Jumping - Sport

Wortenberg’s show jumping champion Alina Hertwig, who works as a rider for professional rider Andreas Brans, makes a desirable start in advanced level jumping at the five-day horse show in Salstaden in July. Photo: Mayor

A big horse show from July 7 to 11 will quickly break the hearts of horse riding fans at the Brans Riding event in Salzburg. Viewers allowed. Admission to the five tournament days is free.

Top class show jumping is offered by 221 known riders from twelve countries. Wants to line up 784 horses. In 19 Tests, the equestrian sports spectators will experience what they see at the beginning of 1236. Top class show jumpers like Michael Jung from neighboring Horb-Altheim are expected in Salstetten.

Multiple Olympic Champion, World and European Champion event rider loves to come to Salzburg. The 38-year-old is currently riding in a show jumping tournament in Saint-Tropez, followed by laurels in advanced level jumping classes and the Grand Prix at the France Equestrian Center from Thursday to Sunday, July 8. July 11. Armed with the title of “Riding Master”, Michael Jung is considered one of the best riders in the world in professional circles because of his prowess in many disciplines: skill, jumping, and dress. Wherever he appears: he is always a personality and a workhorse. He is on earth and has always remained authentic. His father, Joaquim, said: “Our son Michael and I are looking forward to the international show jumping tournament in Salzburg. It’s always been great, as it was in Heligenbron.”

Fans are looking forward to “High Flyer” Michael Jung

It will be decided on a daily basis which jumping horses will be brought to the famous Altheimer neighborhood with the support of Waldacheler Honorary Citizen Klose Fisher. “Michael will mainly start from the junior set.” According to Joachim Jung, some of them will still “have to sit” from St. Tropez, but there is no denying that a top jumper will once again confirm his appearance in Salstaden. Fans in Waldachel and the region are waiting for “high flyer” Michael Jung.

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In addition to German Nations Cup rider and five-time BW indoor champion Timo Beck, two-time indoor champion and one of the most successful Baden-Wട്ടെrttemberg riders, Andy Wittzemann, is poised to hold on. In addition to big names and aspirations from Germany, riders from Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, England, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland are registered. Pius Schweizer, a 58-year-old European champion and Olympic medalist, is from Switzerland. He has been one of the best show jumpers in the world for many years and has been good friends with the Bruns family.

Jumping for the Grand Prix in the Three Star S class on Sunday

Senior boss Roland Brans explains: “We are friends with many people. We work with horses with Pius Schweizer (CH) and Timo Beck (D).” Swiss Euro Classic winner Theo Muff and Euro rider Christina Lieber also want to join. The 42-year-old Stuttgart native won the Olympic and European Championships in Switzerland. Andreas Brans, a professional show jumper and Badenia winner who works as a jumping specialist in the Northern Black Forest equestrian district, throws himself into the fire with Wurtmberg State Champion Alina Hertwig. The 25-year-old has been working as a rider at the Bronze Ride Center in Salstaden since April this year. She is confident and determined: “I want to be one of the top players in our home tournament!” Along with her own show jumpers “Lucky”, “Double Blue” and Bros horses’ horses, she rides all the important tests.

Jumping for the Grand Prix in the three-star S-Class starting Sunday, July 11 at 2 p.m. The main prize of 10,000 euros is temptation. There is also an e-bike for the Grand Prix winner announced by tournament director Andreas Brans and spokeswoman Vanessa Genel. A total of ,000 40,000 can be won for sponsor support. During the five days of the tournament, there are a number of jumping events in the program, starting on Wednesdays, ranging from beginner class A * to difficult class S ***. There will also be riders to advance to the jumping final at the German Masters in Stuttgart in 2021 this year.

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