Ryanair to compensate passenger for missing Mallorca flight

Ryanair muss einem Passagier Entschädigung für nicht angetretenen Mallorca-Flug zahlen

die Irish budget airline Ryanair The passenger has to pay 250 Euro compensation for flight delay. Several media outlets reported on the court decision in Palma de Mallorca on Sunday (November 6).

The flight was delayed by four hours and 45 minutes

The incident happened on April 19. A man wanted 9am from Mallorca to Milan Flew to attend a meeting there. Minutes before boarding, the airline notified him via e-mail Four and a half hours late will do

As the passenger does not reach his meeting on time, It has been cancelled. Taking the flight, which ultimately took off four hours and 45 minutes late, was no longer an option for him.

Airline: Passengers did not consider alternative travel options

A few days later he demanded compensation 250 Euros due to delay Over three hours. But the airline refused, arguing that he did not take the flight. Ryanair’s lawyers argued he never asked for one Alternative travel option with another airline.

The court has now ruled in favor of the petitioner. The flight was delayed Not with sufficient advance notice Passengers were unable to find an alternative in good time. 250 Euro compensation and Ryanair Pay court costs.

Repeated complaints

Ryanair has received repeated complaints about the way passengers are treated. It was only in September this year that the Balearic Islands Ministry of Consumer Affairs took the lead A fine of 72,000 euros against the airline. The authority charges the airline in three cases Although Mallorca was responsible for the damage to passengers’ luggage, it did not respond to any complaints.

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