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Ryanair Covid Reimbursement Recognized, Enac Satisfied

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Ryan Air I decided to repay Passengers unable to travel due to Kovid. EnochWelcome to be a part of it
Satisfied with the decision of the Irish airline.


Ryan Air will refund passengers who are unable to board a booked flight because Kovid is positive or quarantined for contacting positive people with a voucher. The company’s new orientation – pointing to a note from Enac – represents one A fundamentally important diversion for travelers The signs on the body are, “We have always taken action against Ryanair, calling on the company to respect the EU and national legislation, which is a further confirmation of the body’s role in ensuring complete and unconditional security. Protection of passenger rights“.

The note explains, “Actually, Ryanair was there, supporting its policy Always relied on Irish law, Avoids any reimbursement if the customer does not comply with a contract due to errors not carrier attributed. Following the steps taken by the body in favor of protection of rights, the company finally received Kovid approved the reimbursement, In accordance with other companies and in accordance with EU legislation and Italian law. The common goal of companies and air transport operators is to continue to protect the health of passengers, to encourage a complete resumption of safe flights, and to support the resumption of the aviation sector and the economy in general. “

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