Ryanair captures tourists with new direct flights to La Palma

Ryanair captures tourists with new direct flights to La Palma

Photo by Cristiano Collina

Photo by Cristiano Collina

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair It opened its first base in La Palma in March and offers several direct flights a week to three Spanish cities and Milan.

Business is also booming for tour companies offering day trips by ferry from Tenerife, the largest and most visited island in the Canaries.

From Tenerife, La Palma offers the tour, which lasts 11 hours and costs 135 euros, three days a week, compared to the one before the eruption.

“People want to get as close to the blast site as possible.”

Ash and lava from the volcano engulfed more than 1,000 homes, cut off roads, lush banana plantations and more.

Photo by Cristiano Collina

On a nearby weekday, small groups of tourists could be seen taking photos of excavators removing giant chunks of solidified lava from the center of La Laguna, a city where molten rock swallowed a gas station and a supermarket.

The government believes that tourism is the key to the recovery of the island’s economy.

He spent heavily to promote travel to La Palma, giving residents of Spain 20,000 travel vouchers worth €250 that could be used in hotels and restaurants on the island.

Photo by Cristiano Collina

To attract more tourists, authorities opened a new zip-line and visitor center at the Roque de los Muchachos Astronomical Observatory.

Also, it contributes to the restoration of tourism infrastructure.

About 3,000 of La Palma’s 8,000 tourist beds were either destroyed by the eruption or are located in off-limits areas due to dangerous levels of volcanic gas, mainly in Puerto Naos on the southwest coast.

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