“Ryanair cabin crew likely to strike across Europe until June”

"Dès le mois de juin, il y a un risque d'actions de grèves du personnel de cabine de Ryanair un peu partout en Europe"

The unions of five countries, including Belgium, agreed to a possible strike at a meeting in Brussels, according to an official statement issued by the company. “So intermittent or coordinated activities can take place across Europe from June”Didier Lebbe, CNE permanent secretary warns.

In 2018, unions from several European countries had already come together for the European strike on Ryanair in the summer. They demanded that national labor laws be applied in all countries where the company operates. They won their battle. Therefore, in Belgium, this law has been in force since the beginning of 2019. “Completely historic agreement”Welcomed on the part of the unions.

But four years later, “Some improvement, many of the issues raised in 2018 remain unresolved”, The European Union, Belgium (CNE and its Flemish rival ACV-Pulse), France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Their complaint is that it still does not exist “Fair and transparent social dialogue” Inside the airline.

A three-day strike by a Ryan Air cabin crew in Belgium a month ago has already highlighted some union complaints. No local HR department, pacelips lack clarity or errors, fresh water is not available on board flights for flight attendants and hostesses (unless they are paid), etc.

To this, the unions of the five countries are condemned and added to the specific provisions of vague promotion or transfer so that they can be used as a means of pressure. Ryan Air also refuses to comply with court orders, and the organization has no freedom within the company. In Belgium, for example, workers are represented only by the Christian Union (ACV-Puls, CNE), but cannot organize themselves in a union of their choice.

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“If there is no significant response from the company, we will not hesitate to launch a European operation in the summer.”, Warn unions without giving an exact timetable of possible actions yet. But, “Intermittent or coordinated strike action is likely across Europe from June.”Didier Lebbe of CNE warns that the movement, which began in Belgium in April, is happy to spread.

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