Ryanair at Ridolfi in Forli: the low-cost airline is back – Economy

Ryanair at Ridolfi in Forli: the low-cost airline is back - Economy

Forli, 15 July 2022 – Until yesterday it was a rumour, albeit from authoritative sources, but now there is an official action. Ryanair’s exciting return to Forli Airport will be announced next week with a press conference at the town hall. Meanwhile, confirmations are arriving in the city that the deal is done. The news was already leaked during Aeroitalia’s debut at Ridolfi last Saturday. On that occasion, the company’s CEO, Gaetano Francesco Intrieri, revealed that for some time, in the air transport environment, it was assumed that Irish would resume flying to Forlì at low cost. Aeroitalia’s take-off for Ridolfi, Brindisi: “Historical moment” The contents of the operation starting from the connections will therefore be made official soon. Ryanair operates a number of Italian airports, from the operational hub of the peninsula, Bergamo-Oreo al Serio, to other smaller airports, such as Perugia. In Emilia-Romagna, the company headed by Michael O’Leary offers dozens of flights across Europe from Marconi in Bologna and also operates Fellini in Rimini. For understandable reasons, the flights from Ridolfi will not be ‘duplicates’ of those already active at Bologna and Rimini, but are expected to expand the range of Ryanair’s offer. To avoid overlaps, you are likely to fly to other destinations or to the same places, but at different times of the year (the carrier connects Rimini with London, Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Kaunas, Cagliari. and Palermo). Ryanair ended the 2021 financial year (set for March 31) with a 253% increase in passenger numbers over the previous year as air traffic resumed after restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. Traffic volume is still 35% lower than last pre-Covid 2019. However, the increase in the number of passengers…

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