Ryanair at Forli after 14 years: “Historic day, now more flights”

Ryanair at Forli after 14 years: "Historic day, now more flights"

Exactly 14 years ago, Ryanair took off from Forle Airport to Bologna. On a political level, it allowed the end of the age of polycentrism and the capitulation of non-contest via Emilia. PMarconi symbolized the whirlwind growth of traffic and revenue leading up to the landing In stock exchange. For Ridolfi, the departure of the Irish company represented the beginning of the end.

First flight

The hands of the clock turned back on Thursday evening. The Irish company’s first flight from Katowice landed in Forl and Giuseppe Silvestrini, president of Fa, spoke of a historic day.. However, a direct connection to Palermo starts today. Ryanair has signed a partnership agreement with Fa for five years and from Thursday evening began the operation of new flights with two routes from Forl to the Polish city and the Sicilian capital, initially planned with 4 weekly frequencies, the management explains. of the airport. As for programming for the next summer season, that will be announced at a later date. “We are here with Ryanair to confirm what we announced last July 25, the intentions expressed and the word given demonstrate once again the seriousness of careful, rigorous and consistent management,” Silvestrini commented. The summer, he added, further highlighted the fundamental importance of Forle airport to the entire region, which has clamored for the reopening of Ridolfi. We will continue to work in partnership with the region to develop the airport, which will continue to generate positive effects on employment and the region’s economy.

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New routes arriving in Romagna

Ryanair Commercial Director Jason McGuinness added: This new route will boost the economy of Forlì and the Emilia-Romagna region and offer new destinations for city breaks. Ryanair is delighted to celebrate this inaugural flight between Bologna-Forlin and Katowice, which will be the first of many thanks to a new long-term partnership. If Forle smiles at Bologna, this time there is a bit of concern. The low-cost airline, after a summer of record traffic, decided to cut 17 of its planned 62 winter routes, reducing them to 45.

Routes are cut in Bologna

At Marconi, connections to Malaga, Alicante, Billund, Bordeaux, Comiso, Marseille, Oradea, Paphos, Palma, Prague, Cebu, Santander, Podgorica, Toulouse, Wrocław and Zaragoza have disappeared and some flight frequencies have been reduced to some destinations. Stockholm, Barcelona, ​​Berlin. But nothing has stopped – Mauro Bolla, Italy’s country manager of the Irish giant, likes to point out – negotiations with the airport are ongoing, and we are sure that an agreement will be reached to avoid cuts until the summer of 2023.

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