Ryan Helal: “Opportunity for the visualization of our sport …”

Piste - Rayan Helal : «Une chance pour la visibilité de notre sport...»

He will be one of the 72 trackers who attended The first round of the new UCI Champions League On track from November 6 in Mallorca. Ryan Helal There is hope about this match. I think it will be a great experience. I want to run especially well. This will allow you to gain experience. Especially since there will be all the best, Harry Lavrensen, Jeffrey Hoogland. […] This is an opportunity for our sport and our partners to be visible. This is really great. It had a small downside“, He explains in an interview Eurosport.

Video – Gregory Boge inspires Ryan Helal and other trackers

“It’s a combination of several things: economics, now visibility …”

Prize money of UCI Champions League (1000 euros for each race winner, 25,000 for each public ranking winner) It is possible to increase the attractiveness of track cycling, but not only in the opinion of the French rider: “CE is not a Lambda race. If there is to be achieved, we all take it seriously. But that’s not the only reason I’m going there. It is a combination of several things: the economic aspect, the visibility of the moment, and not just the long term. And all the best.

Bronze medalist in the The Olympics At the pace of the 2020 team Sebastian Vigier And Florian Grengbo, Iserois returns to bonuses after this Olympic Cham: “TheSlightly changed, I got the bonus. But hey, we can’t live with premium alone. I have no new partners from Tokyo. This is a very dangerous situation and needs to be tracked. There are a lot of sacrifices. We train twice a day, 6 days a week and we can do nothing else. But as such, we can not complain. People invest where there is visibility. That’s why I think the track Champions League will be “a plus”. Anyway I hope so!

Athletes present in Mallorca

Women – Sprint

Lorian Genest (Canada)

Leah Friedrich (Germany)

Miriam Wes (Italy)

Martha Bayona Pineda (Colombia)

Ryu Ohta (Japan)

Sophie Capewell (Great Britain)

Yana Tishchenko (Russi)

Daria Shmeleva (Russi)

Lorraine van Raisen (Paes-bass)

Anastasia Voynova (Russi)

Mina Sato (Japan)

Yuli Paola Verdugo Osuna (Mexico)

Emma Hines (Germany)

Mathilde Gross (France)

Simona krupekita (Lithuania)

Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)

Shanne Braspennincx (Pays-Bas)

Olena Starykova (Ukraine)

Men – Sprint

Jean Spice (South Africa)

Matthews Rudick (Polon)

Jair John N Fa (Suriname)

Tom Derache (France)

Jordan Castle (New Zealand)

Kevin Quintero Chavarro (Colombia)

Mikhail Yakovlev (Russia)

Kento Yamazaki (Japan)

Ryan Helal (France)

Stefan Boutcher (Germany)

Jay Angutasavit (Thailand)

Hugo Barrett (Canada)

Harry Lauraisen (Netherlands)

Nicholas Paul (Trinidad & Tobago)

Jeffrey Hoogland (Netherlands)

Vasily Lendl (Lithuania)

Maximilian Levy (Germany)

Denis Dimitriev (Russia)

Women – Tolerance

Maggie Coles-Lister (Canada)

Hannah Serakh (Belarus)

Tania Calvo (Spain)

Michelle Andres (Switzerland)

Alžbeta BaÄ ?? íkova (Slovakia)

Gulnas Khatuntseva (Russia)

Emily Kay (Ireland)

Sylvia Sanardi (Italy)

Carolina Karashevichs (Polon)

Maria Martins (Portugal)

Olivija Baleisyte (Lithuania)

Eukine Lararte (Spain)

Yumi Kajihara (Japan)

Kirsten Wilde (Paes-bass)

Katie Archibald (Great Britain)

Anita Yvonne Steinberg (Norway)

Annette Edmundson (Australia)

Kendall Ryan (USA)

Men – Tolerance

Tour Dens (Belgium)

Rice Britain (Great Britain)

Roy Ifting (Pays-Boss)

Alan Banassek (Polon)

Jules Hesters (Belgium)

Gavin Hoover (USA)

Michel Scortesini (Italy)

Kasushige Kuboki (Japan)

Claudio Imhoff (Suez)

Aaron Gate (New Zealand)

Yuri Leito (Portugal)

Eric Martorel The Hague (Spain)

Ed Clancy (Grand-Bretagne)

Sebastian Mora (Spain)

Corbin Strong (New Zealand)

Yasin Chalel (Algeria)

Kelland O’Brien (Australia)

Rotem Tene (Israel)

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