Ryan Air: Demands Italian government to abolish surplus-economy

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(ANSA) – Rome, January 29 – Ryan Air again urges the Italian government to waive municipal surcharges on all Italian airports. It reads in an Irish low – cost note that it adds: “If the Italian government waives the surcharge, Ryanair will invest $ 40 billion in Italian airports over the next 4 years with 40 new base aircraft, 1,500 new jobs and an additional 20 million passengers per year to Italy / Italy.”

In response to the suspension of the municipal surcharge from August to December 2021, Ryanair recalls launching 13 new routes and more than 20 additional frequencies on 17 existing routes. The low-cost company is now urging the Italian government to go further and waive municipal surcharges on all airports and all airlines until 2025. Millions of Italian customers at the same time support employment and local tourism.

“We once again urge the Italian government to abolish the municipal surcharge on all Italian airports and all airlines,” said Mauro Bolla, Ryanair’s Country Manager for Italy, pointing out that “low cost has proven that growth can be accelerated when the right steps are taken.” He said the waiver of the surcharge would allow Ryanair to make a significant contribution to the recovery of Italian air traffic. (On the handle).

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