RWE chief Marcus Kreber talks about the explosion in electricity prices

RWE chief Marcus Kreber talks about the explosion in electricity prices

Everyone is talking about climate protection, but no one knows what it really means to the economy. It may be expensive, but no one wanted to say it out loud during the election campaign, for example Veronica Grim complains. She was right. Experts have warned that things could not continue at the current snail’s pace as the incoming government tightened its climate targets following a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court. The new targets are creating a huge additional demand for green electricity, which will require a massive accelerated expansion of renewable energy sources. Otherwise coal-fired CO2 spinners will not go offline.

This brings us to today’s guest: he has a person who is good at badminton, likes to stay in the hospital after playing with kids, buys works of Irish artists online and is currently besieged by an activist investor. After a career at McKinsey and Commerce Bank, Marcus Kreber is now the CEO of power giant RWE, which aims to generate climate-neutral energy power by 2040, until then it will be one of Future’s favorite enemies Fridays.
Kreber told me why electricity prices were exploding, that Germany needed more gas power plants than everyone thought, and that its coal-fired power plants could not sell, and that he was going on a family vacation to the French coast on diesel.

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