Russians must travel to Warsaw to obtain a US immigration visa

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The dispute between Washington and Moscow over the size of their embassies continues: The United States has stopped issuing immigration visas to Russia, forcing Russians wishing to apply to go to Poland.

U.S. diplomacy on Sunday justified the change with restrictions imposed by Russian authorities. “Insult close to sadism”.

“We will no longer issue new appointments for immigration visas to Russian citizens in Moscow.”A spokesman for the U.S. State Department told AFP.

He added that the appointments would be transferred to the United States Embassy in Warsaw, which would take effect on October 12.

Russia has been added to the list of countries, according to the State Department website “If the United States does not have consular representation or the political or security situation is uncertain or limited consular staff are not guaranteed to be allowed to study.” Visa applications. Ten or more of the countries involved are warring states or Washington’s enemies, such as Cuba, Iran, Venezuela or Syria.

We know this is an important change for visa applicantsThe spokesperson called them and assured them not to plan a trip to Poland before getting an appointment for an interview.

He admitted that it was not A “The ideal solution”.

“Insult close to sadism”

According to American diplomacy, that is “Russian government decides to ban US jobs” Employees locally in Russian or third country are the source of this decision.

That’s it “Seriously affected” To “Ability to provide consular services”Because the US Embassy had to part with dozens of local staff.

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“Russia’s very limited consular staff does not currently allow us to guarantee regular visa services or assistance to ordinary citizens.”, A spokesman for the State Department said.

Regular work visa issuance was suspended in May for similar reasons, but Washington warned this summer that other measures were possible.

Overall, the US Embassy in Moscow will continue to provide “Diplomatic or vis official visas”.

The US authorities have “Destroy” And their consular system in Russia “A Common Technological Procedure in the 21st Century Hell”, Russian diplomat Maria Sakharova lamented on her Telegram account on Sunday. “Insult close to sadism”.

“It is a blow to families and loved ones, and these relationships bring to life the relationship between nations and their peoples., They added, condemning the attack “Freedom of movement”.

The various waves of diplomacy between the two rival countries have significantly affected the operations of the respective embassies and consulates in recent years. Buck regularly passes through Moscow and Washington.

This question was one of the main issues discussed by US diplomat Victoria Nuland No. 3 during her visit to Russia two weeks ago, however, without allowing a solution to be reached.

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