Russian woman loses millions of rubles over phone for psychological help: Crime: Power structures:

Russian woman loses millions of rubles over phone for psychological help: Crime: Power structures:

A 73-year-old man from the Tambov region paid about 20 million rubles for mental assistance over the phone. Izvestia writes about it.

Pensioners saw a running line on TV with an advertisement to provide psychological assistance to the population. She will call the number mentioned and warn you that the first session will be generated and pay the rest.

During the session, the woman was asked to light candles, fill bowls with grain and water, and shake her head and hands. The woman, who felt better after the first session, decided to pay 15 thousand rubles for the next conversation. Each session costs the victim more and more and reaches 326 thousand rubles.

Sergei Tunov, director of the Psychological and Pedagogical Center for the “Academy of Success”, a member of the Moscow Association of Psychotherapists and Medical Psychologists, complained that today fraudsters or Charlotte offer more mental services. He noted that such activity increases in the spring and autumn when an increase in mental and somatic diseases is recorded.

Lawyer Vasily Vorobiev warned that the police often refuse to take up such cases. He pointed out that it is difficult to prove the fact of fraud, because cases are formally such a condition of a service, albeit inflated.

March 15 Moscow Police Warned Russians report an increase in fraud on social networking sites and groups on social networks with job offers. Law enforcement officials explained that job advertisements often attract scammers with the opportunity to dismiss between honest job offers and ulate the desire of citizens to adjust their lives.

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Before ReportedThe Russian woman spoke on a dating site with a man who introduced himself as the American military, and as a result lost one and a half million rubles. He gradually attracted funds from her, saying the situation could be resolved with a parcel stuck in customs.

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