Russian spy ship sails to Kaliningrad, near the Cotton Peninsula

Russian spy ship sails to Kaliningrad, near the Cotton Peninsula

Reports to the Principal Directorate of Deep Water Research [GUGI] The Russian Navy’s “oceanographic” ship engine has been frequently seen near submarine communication cables in recent years, making it almost all-inclusive. [97% du trafic] Global Telecommunications.

About 6,000 tons of the building was called in for search operations by the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan, which disappeared in November 2017 … and was found in April 2020 in the Gulf of Seine. Attack the submarine [SNA] Zafran was to begin its marine experiments. Experiments were delayed at the time due to the Kovid-19 pandemic.

Anyway, the presence of the engine, which is equipped with two mini submarines [un AS-37 Rus et un AS-39 Konsul], Is rarely trivial in a given area. In August, a Russian spy ship was discovered off the Irish county of Donegal [Irlande] In addition, Mayo, powered by AEConnect-1 and Celtic Norse telecommunications cables, connects Ireland to the United States and Scotland, respectively. The Irish Times reported that his behavior was described by military circles as suspicious.

Then, because he turns off his automatic identification system from time to time [AIS], Lost his part … until September 13th. In fact, Yantar appeared from Kotentin [Manche].

“As part of the region’s maritime defense, the French Navy monitors the mobility and operations of all vessels of interest. With the press of La Manche.

After that, the machine continued its path to the North Sea, destination Russian Enclave of Kaliningrad, Relations between Poland and Lithuania. In any case, this is what the Marine Traffic Site, which collects AIS data, refers to.

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Clearly, the Russian ship’s mission that began weeks ago is continuing … because the course it is currently pursuing is not that of the Olenya Guba Base near Murmansk, but that it brings together GUGI’s resources.

If you look at the map of telecommunication cables, you can see that its path is following the cable. ” Atlantic Crossing-1 ⁇ [AC-1]This creates a loop that runs through the Atlantic, English Channel, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the North Sea, and then through the north of the United Kingdom before returning to the United States.

Is the second cable of interest to the machine Sea Way-3It connects South Korea and Germany, passing through the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Bay of Biscay, the English Channel, and the North Sea.

Also, in the Baltic region, it is not telecommunication cables lack of, Which connects Sweden [dont l’île de Gotland, surnommée le « porte-avions de la Baltique] And Finland to the Baltic states.

Interest in submarine cables, known as “Seabed Warfare” [ou la guerre des abysses], An area of ​​particular interest in the regulation of military programming law [LPM] 2019-25, many. It can be subversive and / or espionage. But not only that.

“Just above the submarine cables, we noticed that foreigners were particularly interested in sailing from our shores. […] There are problems with the intelligence and surveillance of the beach because these cables can also be used for detection purposes. University studies show that fiber optic technologies used in these cables provide the ability to detect even the weakest earthquakes and therefore do not detect submarines passing through, according to a recent parliamentary hearing by French Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Pierre Vandier.

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Photo: AS-37 “Russ” mini submarine

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