Russian military says it will attack Ukrainian intelligence infrastructure in Kiev

Russian military says it will attack Ukrainian intelligence infrastructure in Kiev

Preparations are underway to receive Ukrainian refugees in France. The government on Tuesday invited selected officials who would like to host the event “To inform” Prefectmark The “Possible Solutions and Initiatives” In their communities to prepare for their arrival.

“As elected officials, you are the keynote speaker for our fellow citizens, and we propose to inform your prefect of possible solutions and initiatives related to the associative sector.”Write to five ministers, including Home Secretary Gerald Dormanin, Marilyn Schiappe and Emmanuel Vargan, who have been appointed citizenship and housing.

“Our Ministries are already fully equipped to prepare for their arrival and to meet their care needs (accommodation and shelter, support for families, renewal of residence permits, etc.).”, They assure in a letter. On Tuesday afternoon, Shri. Dormanin called and we learned from his entourage.

After this meeting, the The home minister said the residence permit had been extended Ukrainians will expire in the next few days or weeks. Their residence permit in the national area will be extended for at least ninety days.

In addition, the Home Minister presented the proposal that France is going to present in the European Union. Under the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, we demand that the European Commission issue a so-called “temporary protection”, that is, a title similar to the temporary asylum in European territory. It can be renewed for three years to six months, which allows us to welcome Ukrainians to Europe in the best possible conditions. ⁇

Many mayors in big cities have already started calls to mobilize people. On Sunday, the Socialist Mayor of Lille, Martin Aubrey, launched an appeal for Lille volunteers, indicating that the municipality had found 230 sites.

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The city of Paris was declared part of it “A crisis cell to make every effort to ensure the accommodation of Ukrainians stranded or seeking refuge in Paris.”. Lyon’s Environment Mayor Gregory Dawset also said the preparation “Welcome to Refugees from Ukraine or Neighboring Countries”.

More than 660,000 people fleeing the Russian occupation of Ukraine are already fleeing to neighboring countries and increasing their numbers. “Exponential”The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced on Tuesday.

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