Russian aristocracy records record divorce of മുൻ 531 million for his ex-wife –

Russian aristocracy records record divorce of മുൻ 531 million for his ex-wife -
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Putin’s ally Farkhad Akhmadov has filed a lawsuit against his son

High Court Judge Gwyneth Knowles has reconsidered Anna Kareena’s temptation to confront the fight between Russian nobles Farkhad Akhmedov and his ex – wife Tatiana: every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. He pointed to the Akhmedov dynasty, Most unhappy to ever see her. Miss. Tatiana now has to reassure herself: the assets that the court ordered her to pay in 2016 from her ex-husband, 45 454 million, are about 1 531 million, making the divorce even more salty. In the history of British law.

If Farkad was privately blacklisted by Vladimir Putin’s collaborators in the US, He prefers to burn money than to hand it over to his ex-wife For years, according to his wife, he was not paid a single penny, and in the end the High Court found a formula that would bring the two parties together, and the sum of money, real estate and artwork was mentioned. The announcement was made by Barford Capital, a spokesman for the aristocracy and the group Arbitration Funding, Or finance the legal disputes that Tatiana turned to to force the initiative to open her wallet. Tatiana, you have not commented yet, perhaps financial and moral success will be enough for them, as well as the opportunity to own a private collection that will entice many experts. In fact, they are from the Akhmedovs Quadri de Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko e Damian Hirst, Apparently stored in Liechtenstein.

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Unlike her ex-husband, who returned to Russia, Akhmedova has been a British citizen for more than 20 years. In Surrey they practically raised two children alone. Having reached an agreement with the former regarding the transfer of funds will allow her to build a new life Divorce deeply symbolizes balance and family love. For example, it was alleged that the High Court had turned the eldest son, Temur, into his father’s right-hand man and had helped cover up the estate by carrying out various activities aimed at preventing the mother from getting what she deserved. Last April, Judge Knowles called him a dishonest person Give his mother 75 million. Thanks to him and his financial adventure, Akhlamedov’s father remarried a woman under the age of 65 and turned down his ex – wife, Yard Luna, for a 300 million boat. Ten VIP cabins and 20 meters of swimming pool built for another Russian super billionaire Roman Abramovich.

His legal representatives argue that a merchant from the city of Temur has done a lot for a certain standard of living. 35 million apartments beyond Hyd Hyde Park, A Rolls Royce and Tesla – never wanted to go either way, but inevitably fell into a flood of family disputes. It’s hard to imagine him being able to reconnect with his mother Tatiana now, who, among other expenses, won an order to reduce her expenses to 3,000 3,000 a month.

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