Russian anticyclone in excellent form; Peaks within -50!

Russian anticyclone in excellent form;  Peaks within -50!

Let us take a look at the heartRusso-Siberian high pressure, Winter performance Cold raw It spreads over a part of the Asian continent and over time leads to Eastern European regions.

This authenticity this year The frozen monster It seems to be really ideal, releasing very high atmospheric pressure and really freezing the temperature inside.

Here it is completely (it is better to enlarge the image for better visual feedback):

This is the temperature of last night. They are recorded in the central Siberian city of Teutonicani -50, Really freezing temperatures. Also note the different areas of ambient temperature -40 ° / -45.

What are the effects of such cold weather on our home? The snow-capped peaks are far from central Europe and Italy. Must be acquired for some reason A retrograde dynamics (i.e. east to west), It is not impossible considering the health condition of Polar Vortex, they will see some beauties considering the heat and snow …

Live weather:

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>>> Infrared satellite (even at night)
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