Russia surpasses record for infections and deaths

Russia surpasses record for infections and deaths

A care in a hospital in Moscow, Russia. – Sergei Savostyanov / Tas / Zippa USA

Record of new infections in Coronavirus Death was recorded this Thursday,
In Russia, Hit the second wave.

In the last 24 hours, Russian authorities have reported 635 deaths and 29,935 new infections, a total of more than 2.96 million cases. The death toll rose to 53,096.

According to Putin, Russia is better than the West

The capital, Moscow, a major center of the epidemic, also set a new record for daily pollution (8.203). The fourth most affected country in the world, Russia Now it creates new records every week, a situation of particular concern in poor and often unprepared areas.

The figures released by the Russian authorities attest to the fact that official figures are less lethal than those in Western Europe or the United States, and President Vladimir Putin has been proud for months as a result. At his annual press conference last Thursday, he ruled that Russia was better at controlling the epidemic than the West.

There is no control over the view

However, after the post-mortem was confirmed, the Russian authorities considered Kovid-19 to be the cause of death. October Official Statistics Agency Rosestat reported 2020 deaths compared to October 2019. Between March and the end of October, the additional death toll was 165,000 more than last year. The toll is much higher than the authorities agree.

The government has so far refused to do anything new Imprisonment National campaign to protect the slow-moving economy and to vaccinate the Russian people on a large scale
Thanks to the vaccine developed by Moscow, Sputnik V..

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