Russia successfully launches missile at unstoppable speed

Russia successfully launches missile at unstoppable speed

Russia’s Defense Ministry reports that Admiral Gorshkov’s frigate zircon hypersonic missile has been successfully tested in the country.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the zircon missile had a direct range of more than 350 km. “Experimental confirmed the tactical and technical features of the missile, a flight speed approaching the Mac 7.”

A video released by the Russian Defense Ministry shows that Admiral Gorshkov used a zircon missile while sailing at sea. After exiting the launch tube, the missile adjusts its flight direction and accelerates toward the target.

Zircon is one of the most advanced missile systems developed by Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin once described the zircon system as “invincible”, saying it could defeat enemy missile defense systems and ensure Russia’s ability to respond. Zircon is considered an “unstoppable” missile against existing air defense complexes.

The Zircon missile was successfully launched from the Russian warship Admiral Gorshkov. Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense

Russia’s military plans to build a zircon missile system for the country’s naval submarines and surface ships, Russia Today’s news site reported. In April, President Putin announced that the next generation of “hypersonic and laser” weapons would be an integral part of Russia’s future arsenal.

Earlier this month, Russian diplomats expressed concern over a NATO-led joint exercise near the Arctic. Moscow considers the exercise “provocative” and will have a profound effect on the process of “building credibility in Europe”.

In May, Russia inaugurated the most modern military base in the Arctic Ocean, designed to deploy its troops across the region and serve as a landing ground for aircraft. The construction of the foundation is part of efforts to strengthen Moscow’s northern borders.

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Russian warplanes “leap” at Spanish leader’s press conference

Two Russian Su-24 fighter jets were intercepted during a joint press conference between the Spanish prime minister and the Lithuanian president on July 8, the AP news agency reported.

Three types of missile ships are rivals of the Russian military

Three types of missile ships are rivals of the Russian military

All Russian missile ships have performance and operational reliability, tested over many years of operation, and have different geographical and climatic conditions in more than 40 countries around the world.

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