Russia slashes US Treasury bonds – RT DE

Russland reduziert weiter Investitionen in US-Staatsanleihen

20 January 2022 06:00

Russia reduced its investment in US government bonds from $ 3.72 billion in October 2021 to $ 2.4 billion in November. This follows from a report by the US Treasury Department. Japan is the largest holder of US treasuries.

According to the US Treasury Department Hat Russia also reduced its investment in US treasuries from $ 3.7 billion to $ 2.4 billion in November 2021. Long-term debt fell to $ 101 million from $ 554 million, while short-term debt fell to $ 2.3 billion from $ 3.17 billion.

The cuts have been going on continuously for months. For example, as of August 2021, US government bonds held more than $ 4.0 billion in Moscow. Russia is not the largest debtor in the United States. With the imposition of sanctions on Russia in 2018, investment of $ 96 billion began to decline significantly.

The top three holders of US treasuries are Japan with $ 1.34 trillion, followed by China and the United Kingdom with $ 1.08 trillion and $ 621.6 billion, respectively. Luxembourg (334.4 billion) is fourth and Ireland (331.2 billion) is fifth.

Russia’s investment in US government bonds reached $ 176.3 billion in October 2010. In April 2018, after another round of sanctions, Russia began withdrawing reserves from US treasury bonds: Russian investment fell to $ 48.7 billion that month and $ 14.9 billion in May. By March 2020, these had reached $ 3.9 billion.

U.S. Treasury bonds are government securities issued by the U.S. Treasury Department through its Bureau of Public Debt. Basically, it is a vehicle for financing the US government debt. But for other countries it is a way to raise money. Earlier, the US Senate announced that it had voted to raise the debt ceiling to $ 480 billion.

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