Russia provokes Ireland – RSI Swiss radio and television

Russia provokes Ireland - RSI Swiss radio and television

In the coming days, Russia will conduct naval exercises in the Irish Sea, International Ocean, but also in the Special Economic Zone of the Republic. Dublin can not prevent this, but are not at all happy and are talking about it with its EU partners.

In early February, the Russian navy informed the Irish of its intention to conduct military exercises. The selected area is 240 km off the west coast of Ireland, a member of the European Union, but not part of NATO.

“Under international maritime law, Russia naturally has the right to conduct military exercises in international waters,” Foreign Minister Simon Coweny said at a meeting of 27 diplomats in Brussels this morning. “But the fact that they choose to do so on the EU’s western border is something we do not welcome, especially in the coming weeks.”

NATO sends ships and aircraft to Eastern Europe

But Moscow is not the only one twisting its muscles: NATO nations, Alliance Secretary-General Stoltenberg announced this morning that Russia has decided to increase the vigilance of its armed forces and send reinforcements to the east, including fighters and warships. Increase military presence in Ukraine and beyond.

The response from the Kremlin soon followed, accusing NATO and the United States of escalating tensions over the decision to deploy warships and warplanes in Eastern Europe. “The declarations and concrete actions of the United States and NATO are escalating tensions,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters before deploying a new coalition in eastern Europe, calling the risk of a Kiev attack “very high.” Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

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The European Union is waiting for the withdrawal of diplomats from Ukraine

Europeans still do not intend to repatriate the families of their diplomats to Moscow, as the United States has done. A move that seems to have surprised the Europeans, because it signifies impending action. US Secretary of State Blinken will address a meeting of EU ministers via video conference.

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