Russia prevents climate change …

Russia prevents climate change ...

Russia vetoed a draft resolution by Niger and Ireland on Monday at the UN Security Council, which forges a common link between global warming and global security, with a majority of UN members backing the development.

In a statement, 12 of the 15 members of the Council called on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to integrate climate-related security risks as a central component of the overall strategy to combat climate change.

India voted against the right to veto, arguing that global warming was mainly related to the problem of economic development. China left.

The resolution called on the UN chief to report on the issues the Council is dealing with, “a two-year report on the security impacts of climate change (…) and recommendations on how to deal with these risks.”

Linda Thomas Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said Russia’s veto was not justified. “The climate crisis is a security crisis,” she said.

Expressing deep disappointment after the vote, his rivals Geraldine Byrne Nason and Abdu Abari from Ireland and Niger strongly condemned the existence of a veto right in the Security Council. (United States, Russia, China, France, United Kingdom).

The two ambassadors to the Council’s non – permanent member states have stated that they will not comply with the Council’s mandate for international peace and security unless it adapts to new challenges, such as climate change. .

Under Joe Biden’s rule, the United States has so far shown little initiative and opposition to Russia, but Moscow has been leading the dance without violating its right to veto on multiple issues: Ethiopia, Libya, Sudan, Syria, the Central African Republic, Mali, Bosnia …

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On Thursday, Niger President Mohamed Basoum failed to advocate for a resolution at the UN. “It is time for the council to consider the security risks associated with climate change as an additional component of our peace and security architecture within the framework of its defense mandate,” he explained.

– “enhancing factor” –

Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, on Monday rejected any cross-section of the Security Council on the issue and reiterated that the resolution was “unacceptable”.

“For us, the direct link between terrorism and climate change is not clear,” he said, dismissing the resolution as “creating confusion and duplication” with other forums related to global warming.

Russia does not dispute the incident, but said, “We must examine each country and each region individually. General and mechanistic approaches to resolving the causes of the conflict are distracting the Security Council from resolving these issues,” the ambassador reiterated on Monday.

For Niger, co-sponsored by 113 of the 193 members of the UN General Assembly – a rare occurrence at this level, the Security Council must adopt an “integrated and coordinated approach”. Understand the impact of climate change.

It “seeks to formulate relevant action-oriented recommendations based on an in-depth analysis of current and future risks,” said Mohammed Basoum.

France also noted that there was a “clear link” between global warming and security, while access to water, food shortages or climate insecurity allowed “armed groups to thrive.”

Antonio Guterres ruled that “if climate change were not the source of all evil, it would have had a multiplicative effect and exacerbated instability, conflict and terrorism.”

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