Russia has asked the UN Security Council to vote on a “humanitarian” resolution on Ukraine

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Russian diplomats on Tuesday announced that Russia had instructed 14 members of the UN Security Council to vote on Wednesday (15) on a “humanitarian” resolution related to Russia’s special military action in Ukraine.

Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia has expressed regret over France’s and Mexico’s refusal to submit a draft resolution on humanitarian aid after 15 days of talks. Nations.

“We are going to propose our own project, which is humane,” Nebenzia said, adding that since Emmanuel Macron’s proposal for a resolution on humanitarian aid, Moscow had already expressed its support for adopting it.

Russia also insisted that there should be no “political” reference in the text.

According to diplomats, Paris and Mexico City, under pressure from the United Kingdom and the United States, wanted to request an “end to hostility” to their project, which Moscow considers “political.”

Dmitry Polyanskit, Russia’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, told AFP that Moscow would formalize its “humanitarian” draft resolution in the next few minutes.

“I request a vote tomorrow,” he added, adding that on Wednesday the time would be decided by the presidency of the Security Council in charge of the United Arab Emirates.

France and Mexico have not yet set a date for the General Assembly to vote on their draft resolution.

On March 2 and February 24, the General Assembly overwhelmingly approved the text condemning the Russian occupation of Ukraine. The resolution received 141 votes in favor, with five countries voting against and 35 abstaining.

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