Russia foils Ukrainian bid to seize nuclear power plant

Russia foils Ukrainian bid to seize nuclear power plant

Vladimir Putin was quoted by the RIA news agency RogovA Russian-appointed official in the area said, “After the bombing of the city, an attempt to land began, including an attempt to seize control of the city.” Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant“.

Rogoff said Russian army Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported that the attack was foiled by ships attempting to disembark Ukrainian forces to take control of a nuclear power plant in the region.

He pointed it out Ukrainian army I tried to land a boat across the Dnieper River to take over a nuclear power plant.

“The battle lasted for several hours, at least 3 to 3 and a half hours,” he added, adding that the attack was carried out by dozens. Fast gunboats In board combat groups, he was “turned around”.

On October 6, Rogov announced that “Authorities Kyiv New plans were drawn up for an operation Military landing At Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant.

“Ukrainian forces have intensified their bombardment of Energodar and its surroundings in recent days as they probe the area to cross the Dnieper River and land troops in the area of ​​Russia’s nuclear power plant,” he said. Said. Saporigia“.

According to Rogov: “More than 450 well-trained elite fighters have already arrived in the part controlled by the Kyiv authorities in the Zaporizhia region,” says Sputnik.

Rogov added, “A transit plan Dnieper River It was set up directly by British intelligence services.

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