Russia arrests and punishes her against Google; Joins Facebook and Instagram

Russia arrests and punishes her against Google;  Joins Facebook and Instagram

The Russian Telecommunications Regulator announced this Thursday, April 7th Will be banned from now on Google To advertise in Russia of any kindHe blamed his YouTube platform for spreading false information about the Russian military in Ukraine.

In fact, Moscow began repression at all levels to prevent the spread of information that did not match the official line.

“YouTube has become a major platform for spreading ‘fake news’ about special military operations in the Ukraine region, defaming the Russian armed forces.”Russian regulator Rosskomnadzor said the video site was being blamed for explicitly publishing content from Ukrainian “terrorists.”

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He states, to date, Despite the warning, Google and YouTube have not removed more than 12,000 such materials. Similarly, the regulator accused the technology giant of censoring Russian state media and shutting down their YouTube channels.

Roskomnadzor complains specifically about the “blocking” of accounts associated with the Russian state media, such as Russia Today, Rosia 24, Sputnik, the Ministry of Defense channel Svesda, RBC, NTV (Gazprom Media TV channel), “and many others”.

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As a result, Google will no longer have the right to “advertise” Google LLC and its platforms in Russia.As well as to distribute any of its products.

Russian search engines, such as Yandex, on the other hand, have to inform users of “violations” of the technology company run by Sundar Pichai.

These new measures are no more serious than they are Taken against other computer giants like FacebookTwitter and Instagram were blocked in Russia on similar charges.

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