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Imagem meramente ilustrativa dos irmãos fujões

Management of an Irish zoo claims to be a white pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) Escaped and was found 160 km away on Thursday (12). Instead of lamenting the bird’s flight, the administrators were fully assured of the flight.

Because, the animal has done this before: it loves to find a brother who lives in the park, as well as explore the woods.

Departing from the Photo Wildlife Park in Cork, the animal was spotted on Wexford, the same route before escaping in 2018.

He said [o pelicano] Has been in the park since 2012 and has already done so [fugiu] Previously, he thought Wexford would be a good place to live in 2018, ”Park Director Sean McCauley told local Radio RTE in an interview.

“He comes to us regularly and we feed him,” Sean added, believing the bird had grown up at home.

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The story of the two brothers is very complicated. Both live in the park, but one’s escape usually drags the other’s escape to the same area.

Last time, one of them ran away first, and a few days later, the brother followed, until they both returned as a happy family.

Unusual view

This time, the animal was first spotted by Wexford natives and wildlife photographers – just now.

The sight of a bird with wingspans of up to 2.8 meters is quite shocking because wild pelicans have never been seen in the country.

Since only one brother has run away so far, one of two things is expected to happen: a) the second brother ran away, and the two had fun on the lake, and then returned, b) for goodness sake, found large groups of pelicans in countries such as Greece and Romania.

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If these countries seem to be too far away from Ireland, note that a single pelican flight can travel about 500 kilometers.

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