Rugby World Cup: Japan outscored Ireland

Rugby World Cup: Japan outscored Ireland

The Irish started the World Cup as number one – meanwhile they replaced New Zealand – and as expected, thanks to the efforts of Gary Ringgros and Rob Kearney, they made rapid progress.

But Japan held on for the loss, limiting themselves to three penalties, just three points behind. At the end of the first half, the more powerful hosts pressed the lead to the delight of the fans.

Homeowners put pressure

Later on it continued in this key, Japan played a huge role in the game, and repeatedly forced Ireland to make mistakes. About an hour later the time came: the effort of the substitute Kenki Fukuoka and the subsequent increase brought Japanese 16:12. With the conversion of the penalty kick, they increased the lead to seven points.

In the 78th minute, the Irish lost the ball, which resulted in another attempt by Fukuoka. But the celebrated success did not change. “You have to be careful before you play, you’re not arrogant or conceited,” New Zealand coach Jamie Joseph later said. “But we believed in our game and knew what we wanted to do. Now of course we are excited and proud of our players.

Ireland have never reached a World Cup quarter-final, and now you need to improve on the following games to ensure an upgraded promotion to the top eight. However, for the hosts, the first quarter-final is very close after their second win at home World Cup.

Namibia have no chance against South Africa

South Africa can also plan the next round. The two-time world champion and three-time champion New Zealand had to settle for a first-weekend victory in a comfortable 57: 3 (31: 3) victory over Toyota’s neighbor Namibia. In Group B, the South African players face Italy and Canada, who are the clear favorites. However, even in the role of loved ones you are not free from surprises – see Ireland.

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However, the “Springbox” did not miss a beat against Namibia, who had never won a World Cup. After five attempts in the first half, they secured the bonus point. Bongi Embonambi scored twice, while Franോois Lou, Macasol Mapimpi and Lukhanyo Am each dropped the ball.

As AP / Christophe

Captain Brits made the ninth and final attempt at the “Springbox”.

A yellow card (ten minute penalty, note) against Namibia before and after the break did not help the naked outsider. Warrick Ghelant, Mapimpi, Zia Colesi and Shack Brittas confirmed that South Africa’s efforts continued.

Argentina’s victory is against Tonga

Argentina beat Tonga 28:12 (28: 7) in the first half. Julian Montoya, Argentina’s hooker for Cayman in Group C in Osaka, scored three of his first four attempts in the 26th minute to give the South Americans bonus points.

Julian Montoya in Argentina vs Tonga rugby game

AP / Kyodo News

Montoya was the best player with three successful attempts

Argentina’s first victory after a slight defeat at 21:23 against France, and the players from Tonga who dominated the second half could wait for their first two attempts at this World Cup after 3:35 against England. .

“The bonus point is very positive,” said Argentina coach Mario Ledesma. “We were very good in the first half, not in the second half. Now we have to prepare for the big final against England next week. “Against the 2003 world champions, the Argentines, who have already reached the semifinals twice, need to deal with two strong halves. Tonga will next face three-time World Cup runners-up France. The first two teams in each group advance to the quarterfinals. The third-place finisher is still in contention for the next World Cup in France in four years.

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