Rugby, Women in 6 Countries 2022: How the first day went

Sei Nazioni femminile, com’è andato il primo round

England and France had unpredictable victories, but they had to fight, and there was no shortage of independent errors. The big surprise in Dublin was when Wales defeated Ireland’s hosts in a comeback, filling a huge gap in just twelve months.

There are many notes that the first day of the Women’s Six Nations Tournament was brought up and the first and happiest was from the stand. At the stand, thanks to a different format compared to the men’s tournament and playing with better weather conditions in the ensuing period, the attendance record was recorded and the beauty of the participating public testified to the scenes seen at the time. Meetings .. The purest values ​​of rugby and the true spirit are ready to be enjoyed beyond measure, including the girls on the pitch who remain unchanged and remain unchanged.

Attendance record

In Scotland (approximately 4,000 people at Dam Health Stadium in Edinburgh, just behind the legendary Murrayfield), and in Ireland (more than 6,000 at the Royal Dublin Society, Leinster’s home), more than 20,000 fans flocked to the three games with new records. ) In the direct confrontation between France and Italy, 13,000 people took part in the Stade des Alps in Grenoble. Over time, the English over-favorites first came on the field against Scotland. With the hosts winning 5-57 and scoring nine goals to one, the game was basically never questioned, but the result was less than what was seen on the pitch. Scotland have at times, especially in the first and last stages of the race, troubled England, frustrated by the allegations of Jade Conkell, who struggled in the Scotland draw and made his 50th appearance with the bush jersey after the break to be careful. Fire and the power of Chloe Rowley playing with Exeter’s shirt after being the main character of the Harlequins Ladies in the Alliance Premier 15s. With the beautiful hands of Helen Nelson and Hannah Smith for the moment 5-14, the beautiful workmanship for construction and handling is also aimed at the same intensity. On the other hand, paradoxically for the world vice-champions, a number of unintentional and unavoidable errors, despite great success, left coach Simon Middleton dissatisfied. Veteran Sarah Hunter, who has played in 131 games, is one of MBE and the team captain – and should be noted in the notebook.

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The best of the day

The high level of attitude and habit of English professionals and their fitness made a big difference, with three attempts and 22 tackles and the Player of the Match award was presented to their son Oliver, who was born two years ago, in the third row. Marley Packer competes as the best player of the first day with Welsh Alisha Butchers, Donna Rose and French Madoso Fall. Along with Irish Linda Jogang, Welsh Hannah Jones and Frenchwoman Emily Bollard, another scoring pop of the Red Roses, the latest candidate for the best goal of the round, is Poppy Cleale, Cowell, Infante, Ichison, Powell and Dow. On a day that saw a total of 23 heavy markings, unfortunately, Azure alone could not cross the line, scoring 6 points with two sets of Michelle Zillari, now one step away from the national team’s 200 points, second only to top scorer Veronica Schiavone (383 points). In the challenge, Emily Scooter’s comeback after a leg injury was underlined by Emma Singh (England) and Meryl Smith (Scotland).

Wales, perfect comeback

However, in Dublin, the biggest surprise of the day came under the eyes of the great Brian Odriscole, who delivered shirts to Irish girls before the match. Last year, the Green Army defeated Wales 0-45. The long and persistent protests of the players led to a turning point in Cardiff, creating a semi-professional model with players with full-time and part-time contracts, and the difference was immediately apparent. Even new Irish coach Greg McWilliams emphasized this, pointing out at the end of the game that women need much less time than men to fill this gap. Crowe’s and Jogang’s goals, in response to Art Phillips’ daughter – whose father Roland coached the Ironi franchise in Viadana, Italy – led the hosts to a 14-5 first lead. Snappy Jazz Joyce and Floyd then scored to make it 19-10 at the start of the final quarter. But rugby is more of a team sport, it’s not just the 15 players on the pitch, it’s often taken over from the bench. The contributions of Ion Cunningham and above all Donna Rose for Wales were very basic, the second narrowing the gap first and then bringing the girls in the red jersey first in the challenge, better than closing the final. Match Jones’ precious personal markings.

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Two speeds in standing

The result of 19-27 has already made a kind of dent in the standing. All the winners actually conquered the bonus point and could not win any defeat, thus ranking England, France and Wales 5 points ahead and 0 behind Ireland, Italy and Scotland. With the decisive bench and Grenoble, Sansez and Boulard’s decisive entries, the first tactic for French tactics and the second author to score the decisive goal for Extra Point ended the dispute decisively with a well-executed Italy 39. Fall, Gross, Murray, Bollard, and Jacquet all scored in the last two games of the last 5 games at 6-6, 25-6. The 50th presence of Eliza Giordano and Beatrice Rigoni was celebrated with numerous flags and special balloons for the girls of Andrea de Giandomenico, complete performances by Villorba’s Pylon, Third Column, Emmanuel Stoke and Alessandra Frankipani, respectively. Their partner, Ricce della Marca trevigiana, Alyssa D’Incà, decided to write more and more future pages in blue with a starting shirt. The weekend will resume soon and the two Saturday crossings between France-Ireland and Wales-Scotland will be of great interest, while Italy will have to try in some way to contain England’s competitive arrogance in Sunday’s first home outing in Parma.

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