Rugby, why is Italy left in the 12 against Ireland? Between expulsions and regulation – OA Sport

Rugby, why is Italy left in the 12 against Ireland?  Between expulsions and regulation - OA Sport

Italy lost 57-6 to Ireland in Dublin today. But a loss came at the 20 mark of the first half, 7-3 to the Irish, when Heim Fiva’s sack turned the game around. But what happened and why did Italy end the game at 12 against 15?

It all started at 8 o’clock in the first half. Gianmarco Lucchesi, the first hooker, suffered an elbow injury Forced to leave. In its place Enter Jaime FaivaHooker. In the 19th, as mentioned, the player was dismissed. A high tackle on the neck and a straight red card for the referee Italy remain at 14 for the rest of the game. A few minutes later, things changed again, leaving players and spectators on the field confused.

All error of Rule 3.17. In the absence of the role of hookers (or props) and the absence of a player who can fill that role (no prop in the match is placed as a possible hooker on the score sheet, ed.) Scrum No More Contest The contest continues without any contest scrums. That is, the ball is introduced into the scrum, but not pushed, and in fact, the person who introduces it has possession of the oval. Why is Italy left in the 13?

There are no new red cards, but Law 3.17 – not to provoke a team into voluntary competition – requires it The team that caused this type of scrum (in this case Italy) sends off another player. Here, Crowley has inserted a third pylon, removing Pierre Bruno, while Tho Halafihi is out for “punishment”.

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But in Dublin the rain finally drenched. 5 minutes from the end, in fact, to avoid a certain goal Bram Steyn deliberately bowled the oval on a lineout and hit it with his hand. Do it and Yellow card for third row. So, 10 minutes on the bench. But with only 5 missing, that yellow was eventually worth a sending off, with Steyn not returning to the field and Italy closing on 12 to 15.

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