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Rugby Union – Teddy Thomas Stade will sign up for Toulouse

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Tournoi des 6 Nations 2021 – France’s XV win in Ireland for the first time in 10 years (13-15). Here are Blues’ notes.


Cyril Bailey – 7: Fined twice, including a one-time scrum, the Toulouse player showed so much desire in the game for 76 minutes! The defending three defenders were covered with a 49m ball, with a clear tackle to his credit (9/9). Replaced with Hassan Collinger (76).

Julian Marchand – 7: With four touchdown throws lost, high-end Garon Hooker played 76 minutes and played a big part in the fight. In the tackle 12/13, he recovered a ball for the man who had his advantage in the game, hitting two defenders and two assists after contact. His 63m, covered with the ball, speaks for itself, a statistic that illustrates this shattering full center (51). Replaced with Pierre Bourgarit (76).

Muhammad Howas – 6: In the fight (in the 10/11 tackle), the Herald pillar brought his power into the game (wrapped up 24 meters with the ball). For the rest, it was a perfectly satisfying match on his part this Sunday. Posted by Uni Atonio (56).

Rooks in Bernard – 6.5: The second tier of racingmen was still in the oven and mill with 15 successful tackles. His yellow card for voluntary hook-foot (24) tarnishes a new high in the fight against the Irish. We apologize for his three missed tackles, but other than that, Bernard Le Rooks is a must for the blues.

Paul Williams – 7: Attempted 17 tackles, 17 successful tackles prompted the Montpellier player to speak his martial arts again! If he had advanced a little (18 m), he would have been imperial in the fight. In its debit, a fine was granted. But what a defensive performance! Replaced with Romain Tavofenua (70).

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Anthony Jellonch – 6,5: At times the Irish power was weakened, and Castress gave a satisfactory copy. Recovered a ball, beat a defender, and 10 successful tackles for 12 attempts. Replaced with Dylan Cretin (67).

Charles Olivone – 7,5: He’s there, this Sunday’s Blues’ best tackle! 19 successful tackles in 20 attempts, one attempt as a finisher (29). If he doesn’t make significant progress in the game, he manages to beat two defenders on the balls he touches. The captain did not lose in this important match on the way to the Grand Slam.

Gregory Aldrit – 8.5: Rochelle’s XXL performance! Clear tackle (15/15) and a ball recovered in the defense. In the game, he advanced on all influences (traveled 99 yards) and defeated four defenders as a bonus. With Julian Marchand, the only forward holder who was not fined. With Aldrit, it’s square!

Hinch, three-quarters notes

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