Rugby Union – Ireland: What’s the future of Truffle’s XV?

Irlande - Quel avenir pour le XV du Trèfle

Top 14 – Playing on the 17th day this weekend, this season is rare and will see all matches played. Although France’s XV will not be playing this weekend, international players will not be able to play with their club. Here it isSeventeenth day stakes.

Racing 92 – Castress (Friday, 8:45 pm)

This Friday, the Racing 92 (3rd) The third game in a row will be played at home. In the previous two meetings, the racingmen have beaten themselves up every time they fight to the end. First there was this victory over the Dolphins, La Rochelle (26-22). Then they parted late Leon (34-26), last Saturday. Currently, racing is firmly in the top 3, six points ahead of the fourth, Bordeaux-Begles.

In Nanter, Castress Definitely starting a new championship. After the victory against them Montpellier Last Saturday (48-17), Tornice finished in the top 6. They are currently in ninth place, 5 points behind Toulon, Sixth. They are far behind Leon (Seventh) and Paris (Eighth). In the first quarter, Castras won at home (28-26).

La Rochelle – Stade Franchise (Saturday, 2:45 pm)

From the seventh day, La Rochelle . Rochelle lost only four of the 16 meetings. At home, this is the last team not to fail. With this statistic, La Rochelle went to investigate it on Saturday. The Maritimes beat themselves up Toulon (11-29), until then Felix lost to Mayol. Moreover, Rochelice has proven that the absence of many internationals does not penalize them (Atonio, Bauergarit, Aldrit, Dulin).

For a month, say it Paris Bad travel is a drawback. The Parisians have scored 158 points in their last four away matches. Also, Stade Franchise has made no attempt at the last two meetings Montpellier (31-6) Then Bordeaux (44-6). However, the Parisians have not yet completely evacuated. They are in eighth place, 4 points down Toulon, Sixth, it’s still a game. In the first quarter, the Parisians were able to beat La Rochelle when they took an aggressive bonus point (35-13). It is also the only team to achieve this feat. But for now, if Paris wants to pursue the dream of the top 6, it is essential that they perform well from home.

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Agent – Montpellier (Saturday, 5:45 pm)

It’s been about a month since it started Agenize Never played a rugby match. Their last match was a heavy defeat against the home team Toulouse Stadium (0-59). Regis Sones players have two more games left. However, after a long period of inactivity and apparently negative dynamics, it is difficult to see the SUA lift. After all, the club can try to snatch the first win of the season against a badly classified team.

For Montpellier, Promises that this match will be decisive. It is necessary to take him to Armandi to continue the repair mission. of course, Bayonne, Two games behind, just one point behind MHR. Of the seventeen meetings, Montpellier now has only four wins. Last week, Montpellier passed on the lawn Castress (48-17). Also, one of the paradoxes of this MHR team is that it fights for maintenance, while being one of the biggest donors to France XV. As such, for this trip Agent, Montpellier will miss four international teams (Howes, Willemsey, Vincent and Boutier).

Brive – Bordeaux-Bagles (Saturday, 5:45 p.m.)

Brive On the way to self-care. The Coracians are 10th in the championship. CA Brive has won six of the last eight meetings. However, it fails on a team that does the repairs. Last Sunday, the Brivists bowed to the lawn Bayonne (26-23), when collecting a defensive bonus point. Brive, who have not lost at home since this Saturday, November, are getting a team in excellent form.

Bordeaux-Begles Has something in common Toulouse Stadium, Championship Leader: Christoph Urios’ men are still undefeated in 2021. UBB has won a clear round in the last six games as the team is still level. Clermont, House. Last week, the Girontins in Chaban-Delmas carried out brief operations French Stadium (44-6). Thanks to this good speed, UBB ranks fourth in the standings. Bordelise won the first quarter against Brive (25-20).

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Clermont – Bayonne (Saturday, 5:45 pm)

The fifth of the first 14, the Clermontoise They want to maintain their position in the top 6. Two weeks ago, players of Frank Assam won Michelin LOU (26-18). But last week, they were unable to play their match against Agent. Since the start of the season, they have fallen three times at home. In the first quarter, Clermont lost to Bayonne (21-19).

In front of them, the Bionice Play, every weekend, their stay in the top 14. Since the end of November, Basque has been waiting for a win. It arrived last Sunday. Of course, Beyonc won Brive, To Jean Dogger (26-23). From now on, the thirteenth Bayonet is one point behind Montpellier (12th) and two more games.

Po – Tolon (Saturday, 5:45 p.m.)

Eleventh out of the top 14, Go The two men who follow him are still threatening, Montpellier And Bayonne. In six games, Poe has a decent record of three wins and three losses. Of the last three wins, the division has won only one in the Palois home. Last Friday, Palois bowed on the lawn Toulouse Stadium (31-9). Against Tollon, a win for Antoine Hastoi’s teammates is inevitable.

Like Pow, Toulon It is also a team that threatens its followers. Tolonais are currently sixth in the championship, four points ahead Leon And Paris. They will not approach this journey with much confidence. Of course, they remain in two defeats. On the one hand, they bowed very little on the lawn Brive, Two weeks ago (25-23). Last Saturday, they lost their home defeat after conceding defeat Rochelice Stadium (11-29). In addition, Tolonais is facing a cascade of injuries and has several players on the France team (Olivone, Gross, Rebadge, Tavofifenuva, Villier). Louis Carbon and Baptiste Serin, along with France’s 16th, are the main contenders for the opening position, with Anthony Belleo injured and Duncan Piao suspended.

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Lyon – Tallow (Saturday, 9:05 pm)

Here is the poster for this 17th day. It will oppose two clubs that do not play the same shares. However, these are two teams with many international competitions. of course, Leon (Bamba, Jerasi, Cretin, Barazi) and others Loose (Marchand, Mawaka, Bailey, DuPont) Four each. Leonis is not in a very good period. In fact, the LOU continues with three defeats in a row. The last, at Racing, Did very badly as they trailed Lyon until the end of the match (34-26). Currently, Lyon are seventh and need a win to stay in the qualifiers.

The Toulouse Stadium He is a brave leader of the French Championship. As BordeauxIn 2021, Toulouse never lost a match. Moreover, Toulouse won them all, with the most offensive bonus points. More broadly, Toulouse residents have not lost since November. Plus, they definitely remember the first quarter. It was against the backdrop of duplicates that Leon came to impose himself on Ernest Valen in October. It is also the only team to achieve this feat. So the residents of Toulouse want revenge. For Toulouse, the challenge is to retain the leader’s chair.

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