Rugby – Tournament – IRL

Rugby - Tournament - IRL

Ireland opener and captain Jonathan Sexton has hailed the performance of his team – mates in England’s victory this Saturday (32-18). Jonathan Sexton (Ireland captain, They won 32-18 against England): “It was beautiful! We felt we were not far off in the whole tournament, but it finally came out at some point, and there was still a lot to improve on. But it was a performance we wanted against a great team. The standard has been set and we look forward to building it and achieving greater stability.I told the boys last night (Friday) that the only thing we need to worry about is that today’s level will make us think about what we can do. ” Eddie Jones (England manager): “The main thing we don’t have at the moment is consistency in performance. We showed that we can play at a very high level against France, but we lost our consistency, it can sometimes happen to a team, we are alive now, but it will come back […] But congratulations to Ireland who were so strong for us today. We started the game well and we knew what to do. […] Considering the latest results between the two teams, we knew they wanted to fix the scores on a physical level, we knew they were going to be strong, we expected them to play a lot of kicks, and they did, very well. We need to take stock of where we want to go. We are in a transition phase in this team and it is a natural moment for that to happen. We’ve two years away from the World Cup, so this kind of thing is going to happen. Read also Tournament rankings and results

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