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Rugby, Six Nations Women, Bottoni Italy started

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On Saturday the Blue – ranked fifth in the world – will play for third place: “It will be tough, but we have already beaten them”

Ivan Malfato

When he started playing in his hometown of Varallo Cesia, home to 6,900 residents of the province of Versailles, the rugby club was not even there. “It was born a few years later,” said Melissa Betoni, 29, of Hooker, who weighed 1.75 pounds[95 kg]. Now it is the strength of Italodon (60 caps, 8 goals). They will challenge Ireland in the final for third place in six countries in Dublin on Saturday 24 April. The Irish (eighth place) in the world rankings are behind the blue (fifth, all-time best place). They have won 13 of the tournament’s 14 head-to-head matches. This is the real test of the six nations for Italy. “As always, this will be a tough, tough match against them. We already beat Ireland in Parma two years ago (29-27, AD) and we can still do it. We are full of confidence. ”

Fuel for 7 of the 41 goals trimmed to Scotland.

The “Top 50” played against England. The more we work together, the better. Retreat training is the best way to enhance our game, which includes passing, direct continuity, less foot use, rhythm and dynamism.

Does touch also grow? He has lost a dozen in two games.

On the other hand, the scrum works.

“Yes, the excitement and coordination of the pack was great and should be repeated on Saturday.”

How can you be the strength of the national team from Varallo Cesia, a country with no oval traditions?

“I approached rugby when someone from Genoa brought a project to a local high school. I did agriculture. A friend asked me to try, and I started school. I played in Coppa Italia seven when Wallace Rugby was known. I went to XV in Rome with Red & Blue. I ‘m currently in Rennes, UK. “

He lived and worked in France for six years.

“I play with League Stade Renez and work to develop the club’s women’s zone. I have a permanent contract, and the sports teacher’s account in France is professionally recognized. This is a real job with pay, protection and donations. Not like in Italy “.

Are you planning to return?

“I think so, but I don’t know how soon.”

What do you think about the fifth place in the world rankings?
“It simply came to our notice then. There has been a generational shift in the national team since 2017 when they finished ninth in the World Cup. The youngest and most experienced and most eager to learn began a journey. The right mix was created to take us to this level. “

By 2020 you were already fifth in the rankings. In 2019 you played in the top six nations, secondly beating France, Ireland and Scotland and drawing with Wales.

By defeating Scotland, you have earned two, surpassing Australia and the United States. Are you better than them?
“National teams from other hemispheres have not been able to travel to Europe for Kovid. Previously, they challenged the best of the tours. The rankings are determined by this.”

Do you want to face them and see who is strong?

“Of course, the World Cup in New Zealand may have been postponed to 2022. Now let’s think about Saturday and Ireland.”

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