Rugby Sevens (W) – The first day of the Blues du 7 in Burton

Rugby Sevens (W) - The first day of the Blues du 7 in Burton

Mercato – PSG: Leonardo is too heavy to replace Kylian Mbabane!

This summer, PSG needs to resolve its split with Kylian Mbabane. The mission is to find a solution to forget the French. Already for this, Leonardo was able to see the bigger picture. As the season draws to a close, the soap opera Kylian Mbabane is gaining more prominence in PSG. Moreover, at a press conference this Saturday, Mauricio Pochettino was very clear about the Frenchman, saying, “PSG has a great plan and retaining a player like Kylian Mbabane is everyone’s top priority. He is the most important and crucial player in the team today. So keeping Mbabane is a priority, but so far the Paris striker has not responded favorably to Leonardo’s promises. So, breaking up with Kylian Mbabane this summer is a real possibility to avoid a start-up start in 2022. Reluctantly, PSG can release the world champion and move on to Real Madrid. The terrible loss will then have to be overcome. Messi and Salah options! For PSG, replacing Kylian Mbabane can be a big puzzle. But

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