Rugby: Italy – Ireland Oval Crossroads

Rugby: Italy - Ireland Oval Crossroads

It’s Ireland’s stadium at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.
The clash between the backs of the 6 Nations standings, the teams with zero wins or two defeats after the first two rounds, you will want to see the classic glass.
A question linked to “bonuses” puts the Irish in fifth place, surprisingly, and Assyria in sixth.

How have the teams performed so far? Frankly, it’s not right, it’s more than Irish shortcomings, it does not help to hide ranking shortcomings.
Ireland lost to Wales 21–16 in the first round in Cardiff, conceding 13–15 to France following a defeat, but in the worst case scenario for Dublin.
In one hundred and sixty minutes Italy had already conceded ninety-one points to their opponents with thirteen goals. Literally canceled at home, France conceded seven goals on the first day, thundering from 10 to 50, then went to London and lost 41 to 18 with six English goals in the second round of the calendar.

Other than that, that doesn’t mean there are no reasons for interest. The allotment is so significant that, ironically, it is an exciting rivalry between an optimistic young underdog and an aristocratic giant who wants to recover from a deep crisis of despair. While bookmakers have no doubt quoting the Irish national team’s victory at 1.05 in the Olympics, Italy’s confirmation is on the blackboard at 9.00, with an unpredictable draw at 41.
Statements from headquarters reflect in practice, that when the rest of the weekend is described as a “panic” it helps to find, repeat, review, calibrate, consider, and evaluate men for recovery as a serious “introspection”. Nothing can be left to chance, nothing can lead to error. Much of the critical attention has been focused on highlighted immune deficiencies, persistent infertility, as well as naked system errors. The serious aim is not to repeat the “flood” exhibited in the previous two rounds.

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On the Irish side, With the return of some of those luxury owners, Trefoil’s XV’s original “Deuce X Machine” from James Ryan and above all, the discussed coach Andy Farrell formed a multi-cap. He desperately needs to avoid defeat in the first three matches of the tournament. This is the first time since the last Irish “wooden spoon”, but it was in 1998, still five nations. Another era, another sport!
Farrell insists that rivals should not be underestimated, as the Irish media itself has advised. More than a simple victory against Italy, “Underdog” in six countries, losing twenty-one to twenty-one times in the tournament, to change the fortunes of the team and the perception of the coach in Ireland. His national team, though now out of high-ranking games, must find a formula to end the event in a decent position, which will give him and his staff a chance to retain space. The head coach and Mike Cat’s work with Ozia in the already Italian experience does not seem to mislead the Irish team.
He revolutionized the formation by including seven changes compared to the last match in Paris for the away match in Rome. Directed by midfielder Jamie Gibson-Park to replace the injured Murray, Captain Sexton will be overtaken, hooker confirming Ronan Keller, but the rest will change the front line and bring two rookies, Ryan Baird and Craig Casey to the bench.

In “Casa Azura”, Mr. Smith thinks about the future and continues to focus on investing in young people who want to compete in every sport.
“We worked hard to focus on our game plan,” Smith told a news conference. “We aim to show the same attitude we showed in the last match against Ireland with the goal of taking it one step further in the game. Growth. Path “.
Therefore, it resumes from the good that is seen in the English and beyond. Not Mr Smith’s fault, but consolation to the major foreign observers who believe that Italy was more inventive and ambitious than Ireland for certain aspects of their attacking game. Italy turned against England during the attack. Going beyond any expectation, it is remarkable without expectations, capable of building concrete steps on the counterattack, going towards the goal in a way that is more convincing than those who have scored before, before, and almost occasionally. The Azure will have to play on the weak points shown by the opponents. They must be good at taking advantage of the lack of a coordinated strategy as they move from the defense that Ireland has shown so far to attack. After beating Scotland in 2015, the Azzurri have not won, and their final clash with the Irish in the 2020 Six Nations was disappointing.
But the blue head coach is a big “confident” man, carelessly re-directing the failed XV at Twickenham, now working on directing the much-needed Scoom-half with Stephen Warnie and Garbici, an expert front line that includes Lamaro, Negri and Meyer as the “third”, CC and Razoni behind Renewed contract with Saracens, Biggy and Lovotti. It still focuses on the “added director” with Kana’s first center, paired with Nacho Brex. The extended triangle with Trolla and Sporandio remained unchanged, although the staff were particularly appreciative, although not exactly flawless on the defensive stage, and the remarkable “Monty.
Bellini, Trora, and Braley on the news bench. Notably, the crisis of the debut of Pierre Bruno, the acrobatic division of the Zebras, was not even taken to the “bench”, but he was free to return to the club after a call-up that could suggest use against Ireland. . Paired with Monty Eon this will definitely create an attacking potential worthy of the tournament. Exploring the causes can be fun, but it takes some distance.

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A friendly stimulus from Dublin To the Italian team, it sounds like a warning to Ireland that former Neela, Ian McKinley and retired rugby player Bennett have not indefinitely announced into the microphones of “Game on DRTE 2 FM”: “I believe Azuric has Sturgeon players” and that Ikea has “amazing players”. ollo Garbici is a nineteenth and twentieth, respectively, a pair of Italian midfielders. .
We want to be as optimistic as McKinley, we have no choice.

Is empty15 Jacopo Trulla, 14 Luca Sperandio, 13 Juan Ignacio Brex, 12 Carlo Cana.
11 Montana Ion, 10 Polo Garbici, 9 Stephen Varney, 8 Michelle Lamaro,
7 Johann Meyer, 6 Sebastian Negri, 5 David CC, 4 Marco Lazaroni, 3 Marco Riccioni, 2 Luke BG (C), 1 Andrea Lovotti, HC Franco Smith
Available 16 Gianmarco Lucci, 17 Cherief Troy ‘, 18 Giuseppe Silochi, 19 Nicola Cannon, 20 Maxim Embanda’, 21 Bralley, 22 Federico Mori, 23 Modified Bellini
Is empty15 Hugo Keenan, 14 Jordan Larmore, 13 Gary Ringrose, 12 Robbie Henshaw, 11 James Lowe, 10 Jonathan Sexton (c), 9 Jamie Gibson-Park, 8 CJ Standard, 7 Will Connors, 6 Tad Beer, 4 James Ryan, 4 Ian Henderson, 3 Thudg Furlong, 2 Ronan Kelleher, 1 Dave Kilcoin. HC Andy Farrell

One Disposition Zone: 16 Rob Herring, 17 Sean Healy, 18 Andrew Porter, 19 Ryan Baird, 20 Jack Conan, 21 Craig Casey, 22 Billy Burns, 23 Keith Earls

Italy – Ireland will be scheduled for Saturday, February 27 at 3.15pm at the Olympic Stadium in Rome with live TV on Demax Channel 52.

Is emptyRugby Class Umberto Pikini

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