Rugby and Blues smashed Ireland – La Stampa

Rugby and Blues smashed Ireland - La Stampa

Eight years after Italy’s last home win in six countries, it is not a disaster but a recovery. Another blow, and this time a round number: 30 consecutive defeats. Coincidentally, the statistics solve Ireland, the last team to beat the Olympic in 2013.

It ends 48-10, with 6 Irish attempts – Smith management’s passive stability – and another three canceled by TMO, only one in Italy in the only lightning of the match. Are you waiting to save? It is better not to answer.

It does not solve a situation where there is no identity, nothing to do, almost nothing to do, incompatible with defense, or sterile in aggression. Until a few years ago, hope was active even on lean days. Italy had a physiognomy when the arrival of Argentine natives, peers or even the best Italian individuals gave us at least a reliable and rigorous cycle. Not now, you can’t see the famous light at the end of the tunnel. Smith seeks to rebuild the national team by focusing on young people, describing himself as a “maker of cathedrals.” At least 21 years after the Six Nations, we should have a base, and the era of medieval factories has little to do with professional sports.

The first few minutes are deceptively blue, and the Garbici 3 ‘placement marks the first achievement. But this is a myth that will not last long. At 5, Sexton equalized in an offside born of Italian innocence, and three minutes later the referee took an astonishing Irish move (this was Henderson’s goal, the replay would make clear, but the referee was looking ahead to the greens). However, the Blues seem to be very soft on defense as usual and slow in attack and confused. Ireland do what it wants at meeting points, the racks are all their own. The first goal inevitably arrives on the 11th, and Ringros, Sexton on the 17th. Italy put Capino 26th in the Irish 22nd, but must get it in the first closed scrum, with two other goals coming in between 33 ‘and 36 from the guests, Keenan and Conares (3-27). The stats aren’t too bad either – 15 wrong tackles against 9, holding, leveling ground – but whenever the Greens go down in 22 blouses they come home with heavy points.

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At the end of time, Italy’s only real flicker arrives, completing a brilliant invention by Mayor Garbici, the best of our players, correcting the result to 10-27 at half time.

The second half is less than half of an ordeal. After 3 minutes the standard‌ blue defense penetrates – repeats after another 3, but Timo cancels – and then two yellow cards for Silochi and Bigi, leaving us at 13 unable to block the green. In a training climate, the second arrives. Connors’ goal (66-4 at 10-41) canceled the third (forward) of the day for Ireland with Lowe, and the last seal, with the expiration of our historic black beast Earls – 48-10 for Ireland after the conversion.

After Scotland and Ireland, Wales beat England to win the British Triples. Results: Italy-Ireland 10-48, Wales-England 40-24, Scotland-France postponed. Levels after Matchday 3: Wales 14 points, France 9, Ireland 7, England 6, Scotland 5, Italy 0 (France and Scotland one game less).

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