Rover First Drive on Mars.

అంగార‌క గ్ర‌హంపై రోవ‌ర్ ఫ‌స్ట్ డ్రైవ్‌..

Washington: Perseverance on Mars .. First Drive. The six-wheeled rover traveled 6.5 meters. NASA says the journey lasted 33 minutes. After four meters forward, turn left 150 degrees. Scientists say it later receded 2.5 meters. Perseverance engineer Anois Jorfian said the test drive went well. They said Rover’s move was a milestone in their plan. Long drives will be fishing in a few days. The site of the test drive was renamed the Octavia Boat Landing. The name was suggested in memory of the late science fiction author. However, NASA engineers revealed that they are looking for ways to acquire the long drive.

Scientists say the rover can travel up to 200 meters a day on Mars. The time of day on Mars is slightly longer than on Earth. Scientists say the Curiosity rover is five times faster than the one previously sent to Mars. Eight years after arriving on Mars, Curiosity is still active. Scientists test drive rover: Helicopter drone looks set to test soon. Scientists say the rover has not had any problems so far.

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