Rousseau Jiangare, who is it? Age, boyfriend, Santemo, tattoos

Rousseau Jiangare, who is it?  Age, boyfriend, Santemo, tattoos

Rousseau made her television debut as a television actress in the series “Good Morning Mother”, portraying Greta, a girl who breaks her dream of becoming a diver against the harsh reality that overturns her projects. Rousseau started his career recently, but has already focused on a television and film curriculum, and has many dreams in the drawer.

Life and career of Rousseau Jiangare

Rousseau Jiangare was born in Massa in 1992 to a Tuscan father and mother of Mozambican and Irish descent. Swimming, cycling, dancing, athletics, rhythmic gymnastics: The young woman identified herself with the role of diver as she practiced many sports in her life. On top of her passion is always horseback riding, and whenever she can she goes horseback riding. She loves to read and study, believes in friendships, is available to help others, and declares herself to be hyperactive. On a personal level, she suffered the loss of her father during her final year of high school and the breakdown of her relationship with a pizza boy with whom she had been in a relationship for 5 years. The girl is now unmarried, but has not given up the dream of finding the right man to start a family. Rousseau graduated as a surveyor, and as a student she realized that she was dedicating herself to athletics, but then an artistic perspective gradually opened up. As a result, in 2016 he decided to join the school of “Cinema Imagina” and began to cultivate. Interest in acting is increasing. After various experiences in training courses, she began her career on the show, appearing in TV series, movies, and fiction such as “Lee – A New Day”, in which she plays Michelle, a hospital trainee who has trouble working in the evenings. In a pizzeria, the younger brother should also be given. The actress was identified in various aspects of her character as they were both from poor families and occasionally did a lot of work to realize their professional dream.

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Experience on set

Roy’s Fiction Lea’s set was Rousseau’s second family, thanks to the sympathy of director Isabella Leoni for creating a very cohesive working group. Thus, she was able to settle down more easily and immerse herself in her character better. Rousseau’s experience does not end here, as the Tuscan girl has already worked on the television series “Buonjiorno Mamma”. Raul Boa and Maria Chiara Giannetta, Aired on Canal 5. He has also starred in short films directed by Stefano Reilly, Simona Iso, Giulio Manfredonia and Ricky Tognasi. On a cinematic level, she played a role in Francesca Archibugi’s “Colibri” and wants to work with director Gabriel Muchino to try out new acting forms. No wonder she loves to watch episodes of the TV series she attended with her friends or her mother’s older brother Eloi. The actress feels great when she sees what she has created on the screen like this. That is why Rousseau likes Jiang to intervene to improve himself and there will be no shortage of opportunities considering his youth.

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