“Rott Rosen”, AWZ, GZSZ: It’s happening today, June 28, in soaps

"Rott Rosen", AWZ, GZSZ: It's happening today, June 28, in soaps

Updated 06/28/2022 at 8:19 am

  • Lots of heartache, lots of pain, lots of intrigue: everyday, everyday soaps like “Spot of Love”, “Under Uns” or “Gut Seaton, Schleck Seaton” confuse TV viewers.
  • These are the highlights of June 28th.

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It all started in 1992 with “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” – what became known as everyday soaps became an integral part of German television.

New stories about friendship, enmity, love or resentment regularly inspire millions of viewers in front of screens. These are the daily picks for Tuesday, June 28th.

2:10 pm, First: “Red Roses”

Nisi is in pain when Finn rejects her in front of her father Burnt. She wonders if Bernd told his son that he was trans. But she is wrong, and Finn apologizes for his criminal behavior.

Carla is arrogant and does not want to rent out her apartment to Annette. Sandra then brings the two together and they can make a deal: Annette organizes Carla’s move and Carla gives Annette an apartment.

3:10 pm, First: “Storm of love”

At Vanessa’s birthday party, Jerry notices that Merle is wandering around and wants to give her a trip to Ireland. He wants to spend the holidays with the fees of a joint advertising campaign with Shirin.

After the release of Josie and the good outcome of the court hearing, Paul and Constance almost kiss. Although Henning interrupts the next moment, Constance finds hope and asks for breakfast from Lake Paul in exchange for her support.

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5:30 pm, RTL: “Between Us”

These and Dominic are in Cloud Nine together, sharing their joy with the whole house.

Paco and Nika hope to be able to identify the couple from old photos. David is the one who makes their search easier for all people.

Rufus is worried about his return to Namibia. However, in front of his friends, he imitates the happy traveler until he reveals an unexpected sign of where he really is.

7:05 pm, RTL: “Everything counts”

Malu fears that Justice will take Louisa away from him, and in her fear turns to Justice’s worst enemy, Maximilian.

Simon is skeptical of Jill’s and Chiara’s acquaintances. Although Denise sees things differently, Simon does not know what to think of Jill.

Had it not been for Marvin’s sudden appearance, Yanni would have wanted to see Isabelle on vacation with a romantic surprise.

7:40 pm, RTL: “Good times, bad times”

Fearing his emotions, John prefers a steep journey with Philip rather than meet Laura. He indifferently misinterprets her frustration. But Philip speaks to his conscience.

Tuner and Emily gain credit for their work at a business meeting in Lalaloft. When the tuner finds a famous e-car owner there, he tries to sell him a large order of his coffee.
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Since 1992, the daily soap “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” excites fans with stories from the neighborhood. For nearly 30 years, there have been some amazing, dramatic, and emotional events between heroes who are constantly changing. These were some of the most memorable events of recent years.

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