Roslitech is studying the possibility of building a tank for Africa and the Middle East

Russian Ministry of Defense

Russian Sprat-SDM1 tank

Bekhan Azzodov, industrial director of the arsenal, announced that Rosstech was studying the possibility of building a one-wheeled tank for Africa and the Middle East, based on the “Sprat-SDM1” light-tracked tank.

“This problem is actually under study. There is an idea that suggests placing the fighting compartment of the Sprat-SDM1 tank on a wheelbase, perhaps amphibians,” Azdov told the Russian RIA Novosti news agency.

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In addition, he adds, the question of choosing a specific wheelbase is open – there are many suitable structures. Because “the choice depends on the buyer and the tasks he intends to solve with such a technology.”

In his opinion, this tank will be isolated from the fire power of the main tank, but it will surpass it in maneuverability and speed. Where there is protection and penetration, its efficiency will be low – due to the features of the wheel chassis.

“The wheeled tank will be for export and its potential export markets will be countries in Africa and the Middle East,” he said.

In his opinion, it is unlikely that the Russian military will use such a tank. This is because Russia prefers to give priority to tracked tanks due to its geographical location.

It should be noted that tanks with wheels are used for simple tasks, and they can not be the striking force of the army on the battlefield. In some countries the military uses such tanks for reconnaissance operations and limited local combat operations. It is used by peacekeepers and counter-terrorism forces.

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These tanks are characterized by the speed of movement on the plains and land compared to the tracked tanks, but they are difficult to use in rough terrain, forests and swamps.

Source: RIA Novosti

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