Rosecomon fails to take full control of Mayo

Rosecomon fails to take full control of Mayo

We waited for the kick in the afternoon at Do Hyde Park.

Oscomon went down to the game, but seeing the Mayo jersey was just before it was time to wake them up from their sleep. So we waited and waited, but the kick never came. Their championship ended in a moment.

With the benefit of a championship game behind them, Mayo took charge earlier and was never allowed to go.

They took a seven-point lead to the first water break, thanks to a stunning goal from Diormoid O’Connor.

By the time the final whistle blew, there were still six points between the teams. At one point Mayo extended the lead to nine points but Roscommon never reached more than six.


Patrick Durkan of Mayo. Photo: Sports file

Mayo was even able to kick in 12 widths, including eight in the first half. That was the story of the game. Mayo is in control. Rosecommon does not put much pressure on them.

It’s hard to find where this Mayo team is in it. Old School Division 1 from Roscomon Mercilessly Did they suffocate their lives? Or did they not ask tough questions?

Either way, Dr. James Horan. Hyde Park abandoned. There is a good balance between experience and youth.

Cillian O’Connor, Aidan Ozia and Paddy Durkhan all made outstanding contributions to the founding team.

Ozia played full forward in the first half, but with Mayo the wind blew and took the lead, moving deeper into the second period.


O’Connor also went halfway forward. Diarmoid O’Connor was also seen running. Horan admitted that the old guard was in a good fetus.


Roscoeman’s David Murray is challenged by Mayo’s Ryan O’Donoghue. Photo: Sports file

“They play better than they have in years past. Cilian, he’s been very strong in the last few games. Aiden is playing very well, he’s a very intelligent player.

For the younger group, Igan McLaughlin went into the tackles and raided ahead. Matthew Ruan and Conor Loftus went well in the middle. Within a week of Mayo winning their second championship, Keith Higgins and Colm Boyle were on the mend.

“We ‘re going to form, who’s showing energy. We have a special way to play, it depends on who is going well, we can suggest a lot on Tuesday night, who will be selected on Thursday the 26th, so your training sessions are very competitive.

“That’s it, we’re happy with it. We started very well and dominated the main parts of the game,” Horan continued.

“If our shooting boots had been a little better, especially in the second quarter, we could have gone a little further than what you were looking for in championship football. I would be very happy to think that our energy and workload are so strong.”

He admitted that the goal came at the right time.


Mayo’s Cilian O’Connor gives a kick a genius kick. Photo: Sports file

“I think it’s a bit of a shock to Roscoeman; it came just before the water broke, it gave them a jolt.

“I thought our application around the venue was strong. In the first quarter they did well in breaking the ball, but we turned it around a bit and overall I was happy.”

Roscommon boss Anthony Cunningham was left with a slow start that followed them into the game.

“It was a really fun game and we might have it until the end. In the second half we matched Mayo’s well, but in the first game it was disappointing that we did not pick up the pace of the game. Half special.


“For no reason (for a slow start) did we not take our chances, we had scoring opportunities, we did not show the required energy level. It was not uncommon to overcome many cases, but we did not get there, it was disappointing.

“I’m disappointed with the boys they worked so hard for. Everyone is disappointed, but it’s up to the players. They’ll be immersed in that performance, but they’ll go backwards.”


Mayo’s Cilian O’Connor and Rosecomon’s Enda Smith hit the ball. Photo: Sports file

Mayo will face Galway in Salt on Sunday. After Sligo skips their game, they get cold. Horan insists but he has not arrived yet.

“I haven’t thought much about it, we’re gone through today.

“We’ll do this next week as well. We’ll have a chat about it on Tuesday night and see what we can do next weekend.”

Scorers – Mayo: C O’Connor 0-9 (6F); DO Connor 1-1; P Durkan 0-2; A Oshia, T Conroy, K McLaughlin, C Loftus 0-1 each. Roscommon: C Cox (1m, 1f), C McQueen (2f), D Smith (f) 0-3 each; D Moorthag 0-2; N Daly, TO Roork 0-1 each.

Mayo – De Clark 7; O Mullin 7, C Barrett 7, L Keegan 7; P. Durkan 9, S. Coen 7, E. McLaughlin 8; M Ruwan 7, C Loftus 8; K McLaughlin 7, R O Donog 6, D O’Connor 7; T Conroy 7, A Ozia 8, CO Conner 8. Subs: J Flynn for Loftus (41-44 BS), M Moran 6 O’Donoghue (47), J Flynn 6D D Connor (60), R Brickden Ruwan (67), J Car for Conroy (68), M Plunkett for S Coin (70).

Roscommon – C Lavin 5; D Murray 6, C Daly 6, S Mulluli 6; R Daly 6, B Stack 6, N Daly 6; C Compton 6, T O Roork 6; N Kinroy 6, E Smith 6, C McKeon 7; D Smith 7, C Cox 6, C Craig 6. Subs: Craig C Dewani 6 (41), C Hussey 6 O’Rourke (50), C Lennon 7 Cox (60), E Nolan for Compton (61), D Smith (63) D. Moorthag.

Referrer – De Gog (Meath)

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