Rose Tap, an Irishman and manager of a brewery in Kane, is getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day two years later without a party.

Ross Tapp, dans sa brasserie à Saint-André-sur-Orne (Calvados) où il fabrique sa propre bière : la brewmaker

After two years without St. Patrick’s Day, Rose Tap can celebrate it this Thursday, March 17, at his bar in Cain. A comeback that excites him:

“We’re so excited to be able to organize St. Patrick’s Day again and find customers. At first it seemed a little strange to us. We need to find all our bearings to prepare for the event.”He explains.

The Irishman, who arrived in France 20 years ago, is now the manager of a brewery near the port. But the owner of a brewery near Cain Makes their own beers: Brewmaker and Bezot.

“We received a lot of reservations”

Tonight, he expects a lot of people. For him, The event was eagerly awaited:

“We have received a lot of reservation requests and we have about 30 requests for them. I think it’s going to be a very festive St. – Patrick’s Day.“, He rejoices.

If he continues with enthusiasm, However, he is cautious:

“If the customer influx is too strong we have to slow down a bit. We do not have the capacity for a restaurant. It’s sometimes hard to handle when it’s a big evening, but we remain confident.”

An evening that promises to be unforgettable for the bar owner and party-loving Normans.

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