Rookies Cup: Quails win by 16,000!

Rookies Cup: Quails win by 16,000!

The Spaniard achieved his first victory in this category in the photo finish, beating Lunetta and Rouida.

What suspense! The young talents of the Red Bull Rookies Cup met at the end of this Grand Prix weekend this Sunday afternoon to take part in the second match of the inaugural round. At the end of a heated battle that saw many leaders, it was the very young Maximo Quilles (Spain) who overcame Luka Luneta (Italy) and General Jose Ruda (Spain) and the leader.

Intense fight

Starting from the pole, Filippo Farrioli (Italy) knocked down the second one early on, and they excelled to sign the whole shot in front of Jose Rouveda and Luka Luneta. From the first lap, the doubles champion of the division took control and put his native Angel Piquറres (Spain) on his wheel. The whole race is full, despite several attempts to break away from the front line. A team of about ten pilots will scrutinize the first places, from the lights to the checkered flag.

Angel Piqueras, Filippo Farrioli and Jose Rouveda handed over Peloton’s command, but it did not explode. With all but seven laps left, Colin Weiger (Netherlands) made a great comeback and took the reins of the race before dismissing Luka Lunetta. Very wisely throughout this battle, Maximo Quails took the lead for the first time, two laps from the Checkered flag.

At the start of the final corner of the match, Luka Luneta was ahead but Maximo Quills was trapped in the straight line in the draft game for 16,000. Colin Weigher crossed the third line, but was penalized in favor of Jose Ruda and was relegated to fourth. Casey O’Gorman (Ireland) is in fifth place ahead of Filippo Farrioli and the race’s best animator, Angel Pique. Thachakon Buasri (Thailand) is tenth, eighth behind Marcos Ruda (Spain) and Harrison Voight (Australia).

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Before attacking Mugello at the end of the month, Jose Ruedo is now 16 points ahead of Colin Voyager and 28 points ahead of Casey O’Gorman.

1. Maximo Quails (Spain)
2. Luka Luneta (Italy) + 0.016
3. Jose Ruda (Spain) + 0.140
4. Colin Weiger (Netherlands) + 0.091 (penalty)
5. Casey O’Gorman (Ireland) +0.357
6. Filippo Farrioli (Italy) +0.522

7. Angel Piqueurus (Spain) + 0.544
8. Thatchakorn Buasri (Thailand) +0.640
9. Marcos Ruda (Spain) + 1.078
10. Harrison Voight (Australia) + 1.109

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