Ronde Sudbergogen – Irish Walk by Darren Rafferti

After winning the Time Trial, Darren Rafferti did it again in the Wood Barrier and won the Ronde Sud Bergen.

In Sanvignes on Saturday, Irishman Darren Rafferti dominated the time trial with his head and shoulders. He was the Irish champion of the specialty and had placed an first banderila behind rivals. He went on to finish third in Woodbears on Sunday in the final round.

The Irishman, who proved that he can go 122.2 km and suffer the hurdles under a hot sun, has finally finished the final stage of the international junior cycling competition Ronde Sudbergogan.

Darren Rafferti finished alone with his power. Suddenly, he won his second round and wore the yellow jersey, synonymous with the final victory.

Classification of Phase IV (Top 10):
1. Darren Rafferti Team 31 Jollycycle U19 J2 en 3h19’15
2. Louis Sparfell U19 Cycling Project J2 00:27
3. Robin Don Swiss Cantonal Selection D2 00:27
4. Nathan Fontaine Team 31 Jollycycle U19 J2 00:27
5. Nils Ebersold Swiss Cantonal Selection D2 00:29
6. Anton Lenneman Team Wipotech Rhineland-Palette J2 00:29
7. Marius Le Bars Bresson Olympic Cyclis Lokin D2 00:29
8. Moritz Korsten Team Wipotech Rhineland-Paul J2 02:12
9. Alex Job Entent Juniors Overgone D2 02:35
Julian Cario Team Sportbresh Harmony Mute J2 02:40

Final General Classification (First 3):
1. Darren Rafferti Team 31 Jollycycle U19 J2 en 8h24’22
2. Louis Sparfell U19 Cycling Project J2 01:00
3. Moritz Corsten Team Wipotech Rhineland-Pulse J2 01:09

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