Ronan Ogara, the “crazy Irishman” who led Stade Rochales to their first title

Ronan Ogara, the "crazy Irishman" who led Stade Rochales to their first title

Defeating Sexton and his team as Racing 92 coaches in 2018 marked the difficulty of winning this trophy as a player (2), as Ronan Ogara lifted this magnificent trophy as the coach of the Yellow Jackets at the end of his third season. And black. His first as manager. After the Burns of Seal at Blanc in 2016, and the Super Rugby with the Crusaders in 2018 and 2019, Romain Sassy has already set an excellent track record for being described as “ultra-competitive”. A year after the brutal defeat to Toulouse at Twickenham, it is even more delicious to fabricate against a hated opponent.

“The Power of Motivation”

Beyond his vision as a technologist, his great virtue is the power of his motivation and conviction. This Saturday, after he arrived, “ROG”, the trophy on the table, “ROG” remembered, and his players must have wondered, “Who was this crazy Irishman?” They could embroider a star on their shirt too.

“I was a scorer, I understand the scorers in the final, but you have to score goals to win the cup.”

If this had formed in 2021, half against Leinster, he would have been convinced of it in December 2019, when he was dropped after a 3-day Test where he was found hungry 2 years ago, when there was a huge controversy. The 45-year-old former opener swore “either you are in the boat or you get out”. A few days later, an upgraded team won in Glasgow (7-12).

Of course, Ronan Ogara relies on a very independent group, mainly produced by Patrice Colossus. From 2011 to 2018, Varois marked his leaders (not to mention Euene Atonio, Romain Sassi, Gregory Aldrit, Pierre Bergarit, Victor Vito, Jeremy Cinselle, Kevin Gordon) and formed this decisive pack against Leinster. 2020 took him to another level. However, this first trophy bears the stamp of a San Diego (United States) native.

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“It’s 3-0.”

Thus, during interviews with Brian Odriscoll and Lawrence Dallaglio on Irish television, Atonio, Skelton, Burgherit, Gordon, and Facundo Bosch happily came to sprinkle him with water. To conquer without danger, a person succeeds without glory, and after the end, the contradiction between his words and his words was very strong. Former rival and now friend Jonathan Sexton. When Leinster’s No. 10 agreed to score 3 points in the match after 3 points, the “ROG” upstream made some very strong choices. Rather than resting his executives against Stade Frances in the midst of the challenges of the top 14, instead of taking the pure number 5 (Remy Pique) or opener scorer (Pierre Poplin) to the bench and encouraging players to knock on the door.

“It’s very difficult, and the job is terrible. It only hurt me to have “Lepes” (Levani Botia) on the pitch for only 15 minutes, which is similar to “Sase” (Sassi), but the shape and attitude of the bow was very important, he underlines. “I have no room for you,” Pierre told Pope and others. You may say to yourself, “He’s sick, this person.” I was a scorer, I understand the scorers in the final, but you have to score to win the cup. Where there is no talk it is 3-0 (3 attempts 0, editor’s note). My experience with Munster taught me that points 3, 6, and 9 are not enough. ⁇

“Fortunately, we have no injuries. On the other hand, three-quarters (Jules Favre and Dillin Lloyds, editor’s note) did a lot of work on penalties in the shadows. It was also very good for Ihaya (West). Everything he did today is valid with everything that happened in the past. “New Zealand were released 100% on foot after the Stade de France’s test against Toulouse at Twickenham. Arthur Ritter, who also vowed on Monday that this “tri-scorer” (Test scorer, editor’s note) will play a crucial role in the end of the match, said, “Thirty minutes today, I’ll win the match.” Both led to the conviction that he was “that crazy Irishman”.

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