Ronaldo – subscribers to the first place

Ronaldo - subscribers to the first place

World Cup Qualification – Cristiano Ronaldo has never been selected as a World Player of the Year five.

In the Champions League, the 36-year-old Portuguese was the top scorer by a larger margin than Lionel Messi. He is also the only international goal scorer to score two late goals in Ireland (2-1) in the World Cup qualifier on Wednesday evening.

Ronaldo scored 111 goals for Portugal. Long-time Bundesliga striker Ali Dai scored 109 goals for Iran.

Ronaldo is not the only one in terms of efficiency. He has scored 111 goals in 180 international appearances, averaging 0.62 goals per game. Of all the players with 60 or more goals, two players stand out in this regard. Sander Cox, from the great Hungarian team of the 1950s, scored 75 goals in 68 games. The recently deceased Gerd Mുള്ളller averaged 1.1 goals per game with 68 goals in 62 games.

If you create a ranking of the best goal scorers for each country, Alex Frey is ranked 56th with 42 goals, equal to the legendary Ukrainian Oleg Bloch who scored his goals for the Soviet Union.

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