Romaine Entomac gives two keys to success in Ireland


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Stade Toulouse lost to Ulster in their 16th-quarter first round, but by exactly six points (26-20). All is not yet lost against the Irish.

At a press conference, Romain Ntamak insisted on an important point that he hopes to win first: discipline, so no card! “It’s easy to play with 15 people, because in high – level matches like that, the facts of the game are paid for, and we paid a lot of money for it back then. (Mallya gets red card, editor’s note). At the age of 15 we could have made them more of a problem, we could have even won the competition, we would not have taken the effort we made. ”Toulouse refers to the opener.

He continues on the second essential point for Rouge et Noir, playing without pressure: “Of course we’ve going to Ulster with a title to defend, but we do not want to lose any more. I do not think we are loved. Rugby is not lost, I know it still exists, so go there with the same awareness, I’m very happy not to regret it at the end of the match. “

In short

Stade Toulouse lost to Ulster in the first quarter of the 16th round, but by a very small margin. So nothing is lost, the romaine Entamak forced some essential points to win in Ireland.

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