ROM reads: Hard Life for Electronic Identity Cards in Rome – Podcast

ROM reads: Hard Life for Electronic Identity Cards in Rome - Podcast

Here’s the top news of the day from Marco Moretti’s press review that you can also hear in the podcast edition. who).

Flop Open Day Digital Identity Cards

Citizens are thirsty for simplicity, so if you promise them, you will not know how to give it to them Boomerang Insured. Saturday’s defeatOpen day The digital identity cards were clear, long queues, terminals, numerous protests, and 1300 cards that would be delivered within six days, Mayor Gaultieri himself explained on Facebook, apologizing for the queues and inconvenience, assurance. Type will follow. In the comments of readers posted on Courier service We find phrases like “ridicule and ad move”. Today’s front page comment “Talks about a step back 20 years. In the digital age – Paulo Conte writes – it was only the Romans who had to wait longer than the days of paper documents. I read Went to check availability to book an appointment: “July 7 at Town Hall, July 8 at 11, Town Hall 7 at the end of September, first, second and 10th with no actual dates available”.

118 people do not know English, 25-year-old German tourist dies

But the digital challenge continues Angel Medical visits like vaccines: You book Online. Interview with Councilor D’Amato, who has been confirming the revolution since mid-April, the patient must confirm or cancel 72 hours in advance. But the case is also being raised in terms of health Democracy: 118 Do not speak English, German tourist dies at 25 The young woman was celebrating vacation in a converted van with her Irish partner. The man called for help “but they did not come”. The family’s bureaucratic odyssey. ”In fact, we read that the ambulance“ arrived 43 minutes later, ”but it was too late.

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New assignment at Capitol

Still from Democracy: “Capital is back to hiring. Engineers, architects and bureaucrats are quick to suggest all the paperwork needed to avoid blocking the financing machine. To avoid losing PNRR funds, the municipality is ready to put its hand on its own budget. “.

Campedoglio: Building Amnesty office reopens

The Angel He informs us that two years later the Capitoline Building Amnesty Office will reopen today. Over the next 4 years, the municipality will have to settle a huge arrears of 180,000 files. This is done by digitizing the material and simplifying and speeding up the approval of applications: if a roof or window needs to be repaired, a self-certification will suffice “.

I took the robbers’ grandparents to Caserta

From Courier service: “Robbed grandmothers shot at post office. Two Romans, aged 74 and 71, were arrested during a post office robbery in Caserta. I am currently in prison in Santa Maria Capua Veteran. When asked why the burglary took place at home, they seem to have replied “because we thought it was easy here”.

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