Rocket flying over the moon was captured, in the early decades

Rocket flying over the moon was captured, in the early decades

Incredible images of a rocket flying in front of the moon were copied and shared online by a US photographer

Steven Rice has long had a fantasy about such an event, October 2 at 9:16 PM ETD made his dream come true Business Insider.

Rice has discovered that it will launch a redistribution mission by NASA Nortrop Gruman It would see the Cygnus NG-14 cargo spacecraft fly past the moon, and he knew it could not be wrecked.

Professional launch photographers believe this to be the case Twenty for the first time Or copying such vivid images of a rocket flying in front of the moon over the years Business Insider.

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A dream come true

It’s been on my mind for a long time as a fantasy, because – living here – I do not get a lot of launches, “Rice explained, meaning near his home. Business Insider.

Rice’s dream came true when she heard the launch of a redistributed rocket three and a half hours’ journey from her home in Philadelphia. According to Rice from Nortrop Gruman, the mission was to fly 5,000 (2,267 kg) Scientific experiments on air, food, water, space suit parts, and the International Space Station (ISS), including a new one Million 23 million space toilets.

However, it is not an easy task to successfully snap images of a fast-flying rocket passing in front of the moon within seconds. It requires a mixture of luck, time and skill, and in early October Rice proved that she had three in abundance that night.

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How did he do it?

So Rice did all the calculations, checked the specific applications and maps of the launch area around him, and found that the event would best fit on the side of the road near a field. 3.4 miles (5.4 km) from the launch site, according to his account Business Insider.

Rice knew he had to be in the right place to start snapping pictures. 22 seconds After the liftoff. That’s not a very big way to mess things up.

Only 16 minutes However, realizing that he was in the wrong place, Rice hurried to shift all his gears to the right place, with a few lampposts on the road.

Luckily for all of us, the rice snapped on time Nine amazing pictures Overcoming the moon of the rocket, shooting. He shared his photos Instagram Account and his video YouTube Page.

Looking at the images and footage changes the awe, realizing how laborious it is to take incredible pictures of such an amazing event.

Even more fascinating is the fact that Rice used a tripod and a 300mm (11 inch) telephoto lens. $ 20 From eBay. He also used another camera on another tripod, which was filmed in 4K ultra-high resolution and fitted with a small telescope. The second is set to shoot the whole moment, which turns into a video you can watch on YouTube.

Check out the video below:

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